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Hi ladies

I've got myself into a total panic today. I'm 7+3 and for the last week and a half have been experiencing morning sickness symptoms and have been very hungry. Basically, as long as I kept eating, it kept the sickness at bay. Today I'm off work to supervise some workmen. I normally start feeling sick at about 10ish and have to start eating, but today I've had nothing, not really any significant sick feelings at all. I've only eaten a couple of plain biscuits - by now normally I would have eaten loads and had a double lunch. I'm in the process of booking myself in for an early scan tonight as I've got myself into such a state. Is it normal for morning sickness symptoms to vary from day to day at such a critical stage?

Because I'm potentially having a private scan, does this mean I won't be able to have my 12 week NHS scan? Also, do transvirginal scans give you spotting or anything (brown CM?).

I've had no bleeding or significant pain which is good.

Thanks for any reassurance xxx


  • Hi hun - my sickness changed daily, I don't thin kyou can rely on any pattern to it. I had a private scan - you don't even need to declare it to anyone in the nhs so if you're worried just don't tell them!!!! I did have bleeding after a transvaginal scan but will never know if the scan caused it or not. My private scan at 10 weeks was abdominal though and fantastic! Good luck, xxx
  • Morning sickness is a condition that affects somewhere around 50% to 90% of pregnant women. Morning sickness typically will start between the 4th and 6th weeks of pregnancy. There are many factors that can contribute to causing morning sickness. Some causes may be:

    - rapid hormone changes.
    - a tricky stomach. That is, your gastrointestinal tract may be particularly sensitive.
    - enhanced sense of smell and sensitivity to odors.

    it is quite normal for morning sickness to stop and start anytime during pregnancy, sometimes very suddenly. While some women are lucky enough to have their morning sickness subside as early as the 12th week, generally, morning sickness stops between the 14th and 16th week of pregnancy. For some women, morning sickness will only occur in short 2-3 day bursts during the first trimester, with long stretches in between with no morning sickness.

    Also, a lack of morning sickness is not always a bad thing. Morning sickness can also vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Having no morning sickness in one pregnancy does not guarantee that you won't have any signs of morning sickness in future pregnancies and vice versa; if your morning sickness suddenly stops during one pregnancy, it may taper off during a future one.

  • hiya u may be able to have abdominal one i know someone that had one at 6 weeks. so they will prob start with that only if the baby is too low down that they will do the transvaginal one. i had a private at 9 weeks and it was amazing! i still had my 12 weeks scan. i already had my date for my 12 weeks can through when i saw midwife so i told her about the private one otherwise i wouldn't have mentioned it just so she couldn't cancel it. i don't think they would normally cancel it as its not fair u are paying for a extra scan u should still get the normal nhs care. i think what u r describing is normal anyway symtptoms come and go all the time xxx
  • Hi hun, try not to worry as Im sure all is well. I had terrible morning sickness for the first 10 weeks with my first son, with my second I had it kind of off-and-on for about 14 weeks, and with my 3rd pg (a girl) I had just slight nausea, vomiting a couple of times and it stopped at about 7 weeks. Everyone is different and each pg is too, and I think its normal to have good day with no nausea or vomiting. I cant see any reason why a private scan would interfere with your NHS one, as a scan at 12 weeks is primarily to date the pg. Good luck hun, and please try not to worry xx
  • My morning sickness was on/off as well. Some days I would be throwing up 3-4 times a day and eating nothing just in case I was sick - other days I would eat a normal diet and only feel the tiniest bit queasy. I felt totally normal from 10 weeks although I was occasionally sick (but no nausea) until 14 weeks. I worried but I would try not to - I had 2 early scans and didn't get a 12 week scan because of this BUT my early scans were on the NHS (due to bleeding) and not private. You dont have to declare a private scan so it shouldn't affect it. It's an amazing experience though so enjoy! xxx
  • Thanks for the replies girls - it really helped me to calm down a bit reading them. I've now got a private scan tonight so hopefully that will put my mind at rest. It really helped to hear that people's symptoms changed - so far I've felt pretty sick everyday and it's had a pattern so I just freaked out a bit when it changed and I felt more 'normal'. It's so silly how I'd rather feel sick than not :lol: Anyway, fingers crossed for tonight. Thanks again so much xxx
  • I know, pregnancy is mad. I had lots of early bleeding which was very worrying so I would be desperate to be sick every morning just so I 'felt pregnant'...Right now I am really hoping for some practise contractions as I am 32+3 and haven't had a single twinge, and I really dont want to go over. xxx
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