Wow what a day

I posted on here that I was 'bricking it' because I had to catch the bus to hospital for an appointment with toddler in tow. Well I did it today and was more then a night mare!! First off the bus driver told me in no uncertain terms that I could not have the push chiar up on the bus I have to fold it down. Well fair enough but he offered no help. A lovely old couple help me. Second I got lost finding the hospital form the bus stop. I could have cought the free bus but I though if I walked Freya would fall asleep. Yeah right!! I made it with 10mins to spare. Third, my appointment was at 2.30, I got seen and 3.40. I was in with the consultant 15 mins tops and it took them a further 35 mins to add a peace of paper to my notes so I could leave the hospital. This meant I missed the bus that I had brought a return ticket. I could have waited an hour for the next one but there was another in 40mins or so, so I got that one costing me more money and I had to put the push chiar down on that one too. But the bus driver helped me with that. I left my house at 12.10 and didn't get home till 6.10. All this for a 15 min appointment. Freya had had enough and was bored, tired and hungary. But she was an absoult angel!! I couldn't have asked for better behavour.

I would say the appointment was a waste of time (like all the others) but I did get another scan because baby is breech, so it was nice to see my little girl again. And my consultant told me that I didn't have to keep going to all these different types of anti-natal appointments as all my bloods and test results are normal including my GTT. As long as I see my midwife once a fortnight and I have to see an anethatist(sp?) consultant because of my epilispy she cancelled everything else. I am so please about that as I was feeling I was being pushed from pillor to post, they didn't know which hand was doing what, and because I would have to go through the above again. Hospital appointments and buses don't mix!!

Well at least it is all over with now. I am totally warn out as still recovering from a belt of pumonia(sp?) three weeks ago. Off to bed. Thank you for reading my little pointless rant. I am so proud of myself tho, that I did it and didn't turm into a hormonal reck at the first hurdel, lol. How sad does that sound, LoL.

Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump


  • sorry you had such a bad day, but at least it is over and done with now. and like you said be proud of yourself that you have done it.
    take care. xxxx
  • Good for you, not looking forward to public transport with a pushchair at all.
  • I am so glad that you made it! I cant believe it took so long..and it can be a nightmare waiting for appointments that are running late! You must feel better now that it is out of the way. I have got appointment with my midwife on thursday to see if my baby is still breech. Im not sure anymore! Anyway, have a nice relax now x
  • Once I was at the bus stop all my nerves disapeared, it was weired. Then the annoyance set in with the bus drivers and company. I will never do it again tho with Freya in tow. It was sp unfair on her to be in her push chair all that time (well apart form the bus journeys) and to have to have her lunch on the go. I know they have to get used to situations like that but still.......

    Anyway all over now and thanks girls. So much for government improving public transport. I don't think they looked passed inner cities when they came up with there ideas.

    Kerry, Freya dn Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Sorry you had such a bad day, don't you have buses with a space to sit with the buggy up? What a nightmare!
    I once made the mistake of going into town with the baby in the pushchair and toddler in tow, it was completely stressful especially when we were going back and the buggy space was taken so I had to get a toddler and a baby and a buggy and all the bags (baby bag, handbag and shopping) onto the bus that decided to drive off while I was halfway down the aisle still. Times like that I was glad they weren't mine and I could hand them back and go home for a relaxing bath and an early night!!

    Well done for managing and great news that things are looking good!!
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