passing the time in the last couple of weeks!!

how do you do it? im so bored! im too sore to go anywhere really without hubby who drives and hes still at work weekdays for another 2 weeks. i cant stop myself looking out for the slightest sign that something might be happening, its driving me mad!! i know i should just try to enjoy the time, but i am a very impatient person. i am really sick of reading baby mags, they all seem the same now and all seem to have the same info in them (or is it just me?), anyone got any suggestions?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • I think you need to be doing something non-baby related to take your mind off the waiting - reading baby mags will just make it pass more slowly (not that I'm speaking from any experience). How about doing one of those things that we all want to do but never have the time - like : -
    sorting your books and CDs into alphabetical or category order -
    or cleaning the kitchen cupboards -
    or dusting areas that never get dusted -
    or buffing your cutlery and glasses.

    Or something intellectually stimulating like :-
    working your way through a big crossword book -
    or sudoko -
    or write a poem about your pregnancy experience
    or paint a picture
    or knit something fot the baby

    Just think you could be two weeks late and then your two week wait will be be nearer a month so there's no point sitting around waiting for things to happen!

    (easier said than done I'm sure!)

  • There's definitely no point looking out for labour signs hun! (As I'm sure you know lol.) That was one thing I was determined never to do, cause, we all know the majority of babies are late, and if you work yourself up into thinking that just cos you're 37 weeks it is just round the corner (as I've noticed lots of people do!) then you'll only be disappointed. So just look forward to your due date and don't be upset if nothing happens before then. Thats what I've done and I am feeling fine and just being patient. I agree with Redpod, that it's best not to think about pregnancy or babies, hard I know, and just go about your normal life!!! Is there anything you and your daughter can do together?? Try planning one thing every day, even if its tiny, don't let yourself sit around the house. xxx
  • I know it sounds really boring but I have found that doing things like sorting out my paperwork piles of letters and bills etc which I always "leave for another day" took my mind off things and the time flew, honest.I found that my driving licence still had my old address on it and my premium bonds. When I contacted the premium bonds I found I had won ??50 so can now have another productive day but it will be shopping not paperwork!!!
    I also sorted the top and bottom of my wardrobe and found my favorite flip flops that I thought I lost!!!
    I know it sounds really crap but know I def won't have time to do it once baby is here.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • ooh sorting out shoes - I need to spend some time doing that! - I'll pop that on my "List of things to do whilst waiting for the Big Day" ...

  • its gonna sound very boreing but i started craft stuff made a really nice rug for nursery (winnie the pooh) got the kit from argos n it took the last 4 weeks of my 1st pregnancy xxxx but dont look for labour signs ive driven myself mad as mw said she would b surprised if i went full term!
  • you sound like me! im soo bored of waiting, i want to meet him now! i wish my waters would go NOW! or something.

    iv been doing a hell of a lot of long walking since thursday,having raspberry tea, sex,and hot baths but i know he will come when hes ready but hopefully it be sooner rather then later! xxxxx


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