Dating scan tmrw, 2nd baby and still anxious!!!

Hi girls...hope you are all well and bumps growing healthily.....

I'm just gonna have a lil' blabber as hoping it will make me feel better!!!

I have been so so so ill. I caught a nasty bug friday and have only just stopped being sick and the other end too...and unfortunatley yes both at the same time!!!!
I have only felt human since around midday!!!
I have a dating scan tmrw and am very worried that this bug has harmed baby. I put my jeans on earlier and no lie they fell straight down so am a bit anxious I'm gonna get bad news. I think I would be slightly anxious anyway but being ill has made it worse!!!

Anyway blabber over (thank god you all say)

Katie .x x x


  • I am pregnant with my 2nd baby too, and I was very worried about going for my scans. I have hyermesies which is just constant sickness and feeling sick, I lost so much weight. Thankfully I am feeling a lot better. Last time I had it, it passed about 15 weeks this time the sickness stopped at about 11 but now at 13 I am still feeling sick just not being sick.

    I am sure the bug wouldnt have harmed the baby, and I am glad you are feeling better too.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • hey hun sorry u have been ill.Just wanted to say good luck for your scan,i have mine on thursday so ul have to let me know on your due d8! xxx
  • Awww thanks girls.
    Glad the sickness has stopped a bit earlier for you this time AnneMarie.x x x
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