weeks and months? all a bit confusing... help!

hey ya girls hope you had a fab week end!

Right here is where I am stuck ... you spend 40 weeks pregnant yeah? but that adds up to 9 & a half months yeah? arnt we meant to be pregnant for 9 months? (roughtly i know cause a baby will come when he or she good and ready...

but because sometimes there are 4 weeks or 5 weeks in a month and that can change i'm a little confused what to tell people when they ask how far along i am...

could somebody please write something down for me cause my dizzy blonde brain just feels like its all to much to try and work out lol

1 month = 4 or is it 5 weeks? :\?
2 month =

i'm 26 weeks weeks lol how many months i'm thinking 6ish? image

you'd think I knew by now...

please help!

one confused bunny here!!



  • Hi I think this is a common question yet can still confuse me! The way I do it, is ignore the weeks when working out months as they dont match but go by my due date.

    For instance I am due on the 18th July therefore on the 18th of each month I am another month gone so the 18th April I was 6 months but 27 weeks.

    Hope this makes sense. Not sure how the docs work it out but this is what I go by.




  • Zoey you beat me to it!!!
    It is confusing though!! I think we're told 9 months to lul us into a false sense of security-then we realise it's longer!! How unfair!!!!
  • i'm due 26th July ... and i'm 26 weeks and one day lol ... but wasn't sure about it in terms of months?
  • Hey there. Well, as we all know 4 weeks is 28 days (7x4) but some months have 30 days and some have 31, so a month is 4 and a half weeks on average. It is only Februay that ever is a four week month! Therefore, go by your due date hun (as I do) if somebody asks, I just say 'oh i've got so many weeks left - 14 in your case). If you go by the date, then you can use 'months'.
    So, for example, I am due on 16th July, so last wednesday (the 16th April) I was bang on 27 weeks but exactly 6 months as well (because 40 weeks is 9 months when you include the extra days in the months)! So now I just say I am 6 months - 3 months to go.... When I get to May 1st, I'll class that as 6 and a half months, the 16th May will be 7 months and so on.....
    Very confusing but dates make it easier.
    Like in November, when it gets to the 25th we say 'oooh, a month till Xmas'....
    Hope that helps!
  • Its because not every month has got exactly 4 weeks in them, therefore it is still more like 9 months. Thats why they do the months and weeks seperate. Medical wise they always go by weeks anyway and dont worry too much about the months.




  • Mrs E that is exactly what I was trying to explain. Thank you for making it sound clearer and not the ramblings of a mad women!




  • Glad I could be of some service as I often feel like I'm rambling like a mad woman madnbella! LOL.
    Pregnancy brain may not be engaged 2nite! Hehe...

  • I go by my due date too, which is 28th April. That makes me almost 9 months pregnant!!! image image Though I wouldn't go back - I am a bit sad that it is all over - but really its only just beginning!

    It_must_be_love - I would say you're about 6 months too! Although it always feels like ur further along! I just tell people that I am 9 months preg now as there's so little time left. xxx


  • Even though they say your pregnant for 40 weeks tacnically your not because they count it from you last period when you dont actually concieve until 2 weeks after this date so its more like 38 weeks! if that makes sense
  • so if I am 26 weeks and that equals 6 months roughtly - at 7 months how many weeks ect?

    They just don't seem to add up to me...

    I think i'll do what MrsE suggested - say 'oh i have such and such long left' in weeks according to my due date! x
  • it_must_be_love the weeks dont add up with months, its not worked out like that cos it gets too complicated due to the different lengths of months.

    For example.

    I am due on the 18th so on the 18th of each month I am another month further therefore at the moment I am 6 months but 27+3 weeks.

    Hope this helps




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