Bleeding at 26 weeks! UPDATE.

hey girls

i havent posted for a while just tend to read more these days but today i had the most scarist experience of my life i woke up to lots of bright red blood!! So we had to go to the hospital to be monitored.

Thankfully the bleeding stopped and baby was doing just fine moving around and his heartbeat racing away. They checked my cervix and took swabs and they said there was no cause for the bleeding just one of those things!!!!

We are so relived that everything is ok, has anyone else experienced bleeding around this time? did the mw or drs say what might have caused it?

hope your all well

Jennie x

Well more bleeding and cramps this morning!!! couldnt believe it we had to go back to the hospital where they monitord baby who seemed totally unaware of whats going on, then took lots of blood and more swabs of my cervix, which thankfully was closed but was bleeding. They sent me home told me to rest and hopefully everything will settle and if not to go back. So im not sure whats going on with me but baby is healthy and happy and thats such a relief!


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  • Hi Jennie, I had old blood around that time (not bright red though) and everything has gone fine... At least you got checked out, just keep a careful eye on things.. I had an internal a few weeks ago and I bleed after that and the MW just said to me that it was 'normal' to bleed after an internal? She never said why.. I'm sure everything is ok... xxxx
  • glad all is ok hun. take care. xxx
  • that is a worry, but glad all is ok with your baby. xx
  • u poor thing i bet u r fed up of being poked and prodded i had that at 12 weeks they cudnt find were the blood was comeing frm tc hun and let us no how u get on and make sure u rest xxx
  • have they done a scan?this can indicate placental abruption which would probably only be seen on a scan.Hope all goes ok hun xxx
  • thank you all for your kind words, they didn't scan me as they were sure the blood was from my cervix and not from inside the uterus, and the baby is moving lots and shows no signs of distress so i guess they must have ruled this out. Iam still bleeding though but am going back in 2 weeks to see the consultant but if the pain or bleeding gets worse i can just ring and get seen and baby is still kicking and moving lots. Just want this to go away so i can relax again! xx
  • i had one big bleed at 33 wks and mine was small placental abruption, baby has never shown signs of distress or anything and moved around loads, they diagnosed this by scan. this may not be case for you and i only had one big bleed,and never had pain . but i agree with hollysmum and would ask for scan, i think they will do this is bleeding continues anyway.
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