do u always have a show?

Does everyone have a show before they go into labour? I've read so much information but as the time gets closer I feel like I know nothing again and can't remember what I was told at antenatal classes! I'm so fed up with being pregnant but at the same time scared as hell of being a mum!!

Debbie 36+6


  • I've had 4 kids and only had a show with the last one!
  • Hi debbie

    I had a show some 11 hours before i gave birth to my son. it appeared when I went for a wee so keep your eye out on the loo roll (tmi)
  • I had a show but it was in the middle of labour when i was about 8cm dilated. It fell out when i was leaving the loo (sorry if tmi!!) I was stark naked and in too much pain to care so left it on the floor.. my oh told me afterwards that he couldnt stop staring at it. lol (I had an en-suite so no one else had to deal with it... v gross!!!) x
  • thanks for your replies, so many people talk about having a show that I wasn't sure if it was a prerequisite for labour or not.
  • hi was losing my plug for a couple weeks in little bits but lost a large bit of it 10 days before then the rest after my waters broke. it was never bloody either just clear snotty (sorry tmi) xx
  • i had a show on saturday, still waiting for baby to arrive, he is engaged and a good weight so hopefully won't be long!!

    Samantha 36+3
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