lower leftside back

my lower left side of back is killing me like a dull achy feeling and just under my bump on left side too it isnt particularly painful just very uncomfotable like a toothache if you know what i mean? i only had it when i got up this morning, any ideas? i ama bit worried xx



  • Hi Chloe

    Going from what I had 2 weeks ago it may be a UTI thats spreading to your Kidneys, I had a terrible pain in the lower left hand side of my back and it was UTI that had spread to the Kidneys hence the pain in the back, you should defo speak to midwife about it just incase!!

    Lyns xx
  • Thats exactly how i felt when i had a kidney infection last month, stabbing pain in left side of bump and my back really ached the left side. I got antibiotics and within 3 days it had gone, also lay in bed with a hot water bottle on my side and had a warm bath and it helped alot. would see your doc just incase x
    Sharon x


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