9 weeks to go and single!!

well last night me and my partner decided to go our seperate ways he was not supportive or even cared that much and i did not feel part of his family but what a time eh to split am feeling real low today but know in my heart of hearts it is the best solution anyone else experienced this? baby is due 9wks today !


  • Oh luv! thats a big thing to be going thru nothing really i can say but just couldnt read this and not let you know i'm having thoughts for you! x
  • really sorry to hear that babe, hope other people are being supportive.... for you too Laura.

    hugs and thoughts, em xxxxx
  • im a single mum and had my baby 5 1/2 months ago. her father was never there for me or her, but i am doing really well on my own. In many ways its easier, as you only have the baby to take care of, and some days I'm too tired to talk to anyone else, even a partner!!! All in all, I've developed a very close bond with my little girl and take pride knowing that shes blossoming and its all down to me and my family. No one can ever take that away from you!

    Good luck xxxx
  • Hi luv i have been sort of going through it although we are back together for now but it has been on and off for months it just happens that this week we r together i know exactly how u feel its not nice but to be honest if u have managed to make the break your probably better off he doesnt sound like the sort of person you should be with anyway i sometimes wish i had the strength to break free altogether im sure u will get lots of support from the rest of your family and too be honest my OH has not helped me at all with my daughter until a couple of months ago and she is 20months now, and i managed fine without his help better actually u only have to concentrate on the lo and not worry about a man Good luck and my thoughts are with u Sophie 33+5 xx


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