Baby Sling

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me where i can get a sling with a rucksack style strap, and elasticated opening? (one that holds the baby in a lying position, and can be used for feeding too) I dont want to get one that is just material, or a carrier that sits at the front or back.


  • Not sure if this is what your looking for but Mothercare have one on their web site called Premaxx Baby Bag.

  • hi ya dont now if you have one already but i got one from john lewis ??34, it has great pockets on it to, and it has the adjustable straps you are looking for,
  • i'm going to buy one from mothercare that is a 4 way baby carrier in chestnut and looks so snug with a fluffy hood -front facing, front facing u, back and lying positon:
    ??39.99 code:d1325

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