Do you remember?

Joined in this thread with another forum and got a bit carried away - to the point I think they're all bored of me now! you remember:

Mojos (half a penny each)

Phone calls from call boxes costing 2p

Being able to buy half a bag of chips and scraps (probably northerners only here!)


Any more ladies?


  • remember mojos(yum) teacher used to give us some as a prize foe spellings, would never do that now.
    Know chips and scraps and i'm from suffolk
    Filo x
  • Are spangles the round choc disks with hundreds n thousands on? xx
  • Nah, spangles were boiled fizzy fruit sweets Woolworths started selling them again for a bit about 10 years ago.

    Does anyone except me remember the childrens tv program The Flumps? I sometimes thing I must of halucinated the whole thing as no one else seems to remember it!
  • I vaguely remember the Flumps but I was more of a Rainbow and Pigeon Street girl myself.
    How about Tom Thumb drops sold in a paper bag from the local corner shop? (the tiny little hard boiled sweets). Oh, and sherbet dib dabs.
  • Think you can still get sherbet dib dabs, now I really want tom thumb drops! what about cherry lips?
  • Think you can still get sherbet dib dabs, now I really want tom thumb drops! what about cherry lips?
  • pigeon st was my favourite and button moon, rainbow, raggy dolls.

    my oh bought me a dvd of some old classics and i let joshua watch it the other day but he didnt really make much of it! x
  • I remember The Flumps, in fact flump is my nickname and I have the theme tune as my ringtone on mobile and I got the complete series on dvd for xmas,

    If you want old fashioned sweets look at a website called Hope & Greenwood they have loads of sweets from when I was a child
  • Sweeties from years ago!!!!!! My sister in law recently bought us all some sweets and there were the candy cigeretts, refresher bars, dip daps, rainbow drops, palma violets and drum stick lollies! And my oh went to the garage yesterday and came home with some space invader crisps! Memories!!!!
    Tammi xxx
  • Yeah the flumps, I loved that, there's an ad on telly at mo with the theme tune, gets me all sentimental.
    Spangles yes, bright red squarish sweets, remember pacers?
  • mmm mojos! i miss them. im craving these crisps i used to have when i was little called puffs. they were macaroni shaped hollow crisps and were GORGEOUS!!! i used to watch the shoe people and poddington peas :P not sure who the flumps were though! xx
  • Yes I remember them Shaz - you could get plain or saltnvinegar - oooooh I'm craving them big time now!

    Remember the Flumps - but what about Pipkins? Or The Clangers? Or Crystal Tips and Alistair?! I can't remember what happened yesterday, but I remember all the tv and sweets from the 70s!

    OMG Pacers - spearmint opal fruit things weren't they?
  • Karen - I was on Youtube wednesday night looking up Pipkins with hartley the hare, topoff the monkey and Pig!!!

    Also watched clips of crystal tips, mary mungo and midge, rhoobarb and do you remember Noah and Nelly lol - "All aboard the skylark"

    There was also a really really mad foreign programme with an evil dwarf called The Singing Ringing Tree!!!

  • ooo, I loved the flumps! still love chips and scrap (and I'm a londoner!)

    also remeber when snickers were marathons, starbursts were opal fruits, penny sweets were actually a penny and popping candy....

    ahh the good old days!
  • What a great thread!! I loved button moon! What about Rod and Emu, the wombles, paddington bear, sooty and sweep and of course the muppets. Loved top of the pops!!

    Remember when sweets were 1/2p each (showing my age), I was so chuffed if my mum gave me 10p for sweets! I remember having a pound and feeling really rich, I bought elastic for french skipping (anyone else play this!), spelly rubbers (erasures!!) and pencils, scratch and sniff stickers, as I used to collect them.

    Oh, drain pipe jeans, leg warmers, ra ra skirts, flourescent everything! (I saw the plastic baskets we used to have in claires last year!), Adam and the ants, Bananarama, Wonder woman (she was my icon!)!! Could go on and on!!

  • jeans with fred flintstone on one leg and dino on the other (or was that just me lol)

    Rainbow Bright and She-Ra.

    cant remember what it was called but crushed up maltesers in a bag, space dust, pogs, pepsi/fanta/sprite yo yo's.
    bomber jackets, Hi-TEch Hi tops. Grolsch bottle tops a la Bros style, VW signs beastie boys, pinched off the cars!

    Tiffany and those black and white long knee socks she..cough I wore.

    AND.......................SHELL SUITS arrrrghhhhhhhhhhh
    I had 3 lol, thought I was the dogs doodahs, how wrong could I have been!!!
  • This thread is making me laugh, you can tell almost exactly how hold people are by what they remember!

    What about spokey dokeys? (or the plastic clip off the bread if your mum wouldn't buy spokey dokeys)

    What about chockablock, I used to want the little car thing they drove in on soooo much.
  • This thread is making me laugh, you can tell almost exactly how hold people are by what they remember!

    What about spokey dokeys? (or the plastic clip off the bread if your mum wouldn't buy spokey dokeys)

    What about chockablock, I used to want the little car thing they drove in on soooo much.
  • swishwoo - think that crushed up stuff is called choc lick.

    heres a few more we may of forgotten....

    1) 10p Mr Frosty Ice Pops on long summer days!
    2) Gordon the Gopher!
    3) You could do or tried to do the Prodigy step. 'You're no good 4 me....'
    4) You owned or longed for an Adidas three stripe tracksuit
    5) You owned a compilation tape with TOP TUNES such as "Mr Vain",
    "What is love" and "Rhythm is a dancer" and 'How Bizarre, How Bizarre"
    6) Girls thought Blue Mascara was cool!
    7) Girls actually fancied Garry Barlow more than Robbie Williams
    8) The Racoons! (nuff said)
    9) You owned a pair of Nike Air Max, and wore them to death
    10) Mr Motivator (What ever happened to him?)
    11) Running on the spot dancing!
    12) You wore leggings/cycling shorts with long t-shirts
    13) You owned a Bennetton, NafNaf, sweater shop jumper or waistcoat
    14) Girls owned scrunchies in an array of colours and tacky headbands
    with their names written on in thick glitter
    16) You bought Smash Hits for the song lyrics and the immense amount of
    stickers that you would stick everywhere!
    17) You had a pen pal
    18) You could only watch the Simpson's on sky
    19) On a Saturday afternoon you watched Catchphrase, Gladiators,
    Generation Game, Noels House Party and then Casualty
    20) You taped the Pepsi Chartshow on radio one and tired in vain to
    pause the tape before the annoying guy talked and ruined the whole
    21) Cans of Coke were 25p
    22) 10p Space Raiders Crisps
    23) A grey Fruit of the Loom jumper was a must have
    24) Sharkie & George were the crimebusters of the sea
    25) Puffa jackets
    26) You used the line "it's a free country" every day
    27) The Sky Sports Blimp!
    28) Impulse body spray for girls
    29) Hooch Alcoholic Lemonade (where's it gone?!)
    30) 'Don't forget your toothbrush', 'TFI' and Big Breakfast with Chris Evans
    31) You had at least one troll
    32) You know the dance to Macarena and Saturday Night. Youalso tried
    scat like Scatman John! Bi bat ba ba da bo...
    33) You watched Baywatch and longed for the day that Eddie & Sharni
    34) You watched Byker Grove 'ha ha ha whatcha laughin at!' (the
    themesong ending), and saw PJ get shot in the eye with a paintball!
    35) PJ and Duncan not Ant and Dec! Dodgy Pop Not Dodgy Presenting!
    36) Shellsuits & bumbags!
    37) You longed to live in Beverley Hills 90210
    38) Home and Away was a prime time ITV programe watched by millions
    39) You owned a Spice Girls album
    40) Fruit salads and black jacks!
    41) Strike it lucky on a sunday night with Michael Barrymore when he
    was straight & married
    42) Chain letters
    43) You had fake ID
    44) You remember Todd Landers in Neighbours
    45) You religiously watched Saved by the Bell on a Saturday morning!
    46) You more than likely lost/nearly lost a wobbly tooth on a wham
    47) CK one (probably the fake one from the market)
    48) Going Live, then Live and Kicking was the place to be on a
    Morning - you know you remember the number 0181 811 8181
    49) You knew every word to the theme tune from Fresh Prince of Bel
    50) You collected Premier League Stickers and did swoops at playtime
    51) Girls wore crappy lipstick such as - coffee shimmer, heather
    shimmer and birthday suit!
    52) You wore kickers and wallaby's with the tags hanging from them
    53) You thought saying - "I know you are, you said you are but what
    I" to every cuss that that came your way!
    54) "love got the world in motion" with the John Barnes Rap
    55) when you used to run away from some thing and shout ' leg
    56) Had laces that were twirly, so tied themselves; only available is
    bright florecent colours.
    57) You had one of those ethnic striped indie tops - probably in
    58) You said lush at least once every hour and everything was cool.
    59) Status was achieved and judged by the number of friendship bands
    you had.
    60) Zig and Zag.
  • Agh they did this on Ask a mum. I am too young i think i'm 28 so remember being able to go to local shop after school and buy sweets for a penny each like cola bottles and shrimps etc!

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