Need the ol Anti D Injection!

Hi girls

MW finally called me back after my bleed I had this morning and she has said I need the Anti D injection so will have to go up to the hospital tomorrow morning at 9am to get it down in my leg and I am freaking out. I HATE injections I faint when I have a blood test done and they said they are going to be doing it in my leg!!!!!!

k XX (Not a happy mummy to be)


  • Oh no you poor soul, just think that is injection is for the baby and hopefully it will make you feel better.

  • i had my anti-d in my arm... but leg is supposed to be better as its fatter... you will be fine hun, just dont look! xx
  • I know I am really not looking forward to it.

    Upsy- did it hurt ?? be honest?? was it just like having a blood test done.

    K xx
  • erm.. it aches rather than hurts. coz its a thick liquid. i had mine in my arm like i said and i have nothing on my arms. i think if they do it in your leg or bottom it will be a lot less uncomfertable coz u have more flesh there.
    you will prob still need the normal dose at 28 weeks i would of thought.
    i wouldnt say its painful just not very comfy. hurts much less than blood test. in my opinion! x
  • OK I can take a blood test thatss ok. I asked where I would have it done and they said my legs though I have skinny legs LOL

    I know it's more the thought that anything else, once I get there and have it done I know it will be fine it's just getting worked up before hand you know.

    Does it last long? Sorry for so many questions?

    K xx
  • Its not bad at all, i'm a total softy and i've found it fine. They will take your blood first but don't need much at all, then do the anti d really it is fine and very quick. Good Luck
    Jo xx
  • I know what you mean about needles i hate them i am not as bad though so wanted to say good luck! xx

  • Awwww sweetie, don't worry! I'm not going to lie, its a needle so of course its a little uncomfortable, but honestly its really not that bad! It goes in to your muscle so the trick is NOT to tense up as that makes it worse, you just need to relax and breathe. Let whoever is doing it know that you're very nervous, i found that the slower they do it the better it is, so if they know you don't like needles they should be gentle! Is it MAC you're going to in basildon? I've spent a lot of time there recently with me BP and all the midwives i've met there are lovely!! Good luck my love, i'm sure you'll be fine xxxx
  • oh had my 2nd one yesterday, i had like a razed area where it was sitting under the skin, hurts a little more in the arm that I guess it would in a fatty area, but its the preferred place to inject because it is absorbed by the body better!! Good luck sweety


  • Oh bless you! after being on such a high this morning too!!! oh well its for the best huge hug xx

  • only just got your email hon! As you may remember mine was in my arm, honestly did not feel it at all, just don't look. Hope goes okay, hugs x
  • I had this after my mc at 9 weeks. They did mine in my bum!! And I had a bloomin trainee who faffed for ages and also meant I had 2 other nurses supervising. So with hubby in the room as well that meant there were 4 people staring at my bum!!! Not good - esp as I HATE needles and almost fainted at my last blood test. In all honesty it did hurt a little but not that bad. I think mine mainly hurt cos I was so tense cos the traineee kept saying 'here? Here? Here?' Argh - just do it! When she did do it she actually came at me as though she was playing darts! Cow!

    You'll be fine hun. It will be over before you know it. x
  • Oh hun i feel terrible for telling you not to worry about your little bleed!! Just as well Mrs takers came to the rescue and made you call MW...

    I hope it goes ok, im sure it will be fine image treat yourself to soemthing yummy afterwards.
  • i had mine in arm and didnt feel it good luck x
  • i had mine couple weeks ago- didnt hurt.. no diff from any normal injection we had bk in our skool days.. i had mine in my arm,,,, u r able to have it whr u want-- arm, leg or bottom!
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