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Please help - pregnant with rainbow baby and suffering sharp pains - really worried

Hello I’m after advic you may have come across my previous posts on here I’m currently pregnant with my rainbow baby I’m 15weeks 4days - I’m very paranoid about this pregnancy and with lack of support it’s hard to cope at the minute. Anyway I’m having sharp shooting pains just above my knicker line on the right side. It’s nothing major but it hurts a little as they feel sharp but they are only in really short bursts like 2 seconds and that’s it, I worry about every single pain. I constantly check my underwear for blood as I’m terrified of losing this baby. Anyway can anyone help? They’ve seem to of eased off now only been happening this morning. My midwife said only phone her/contact her if I’m bleeding. Anything else I need help with I need to see my gp but it takes 3 weeks to get an appointment and phone lines are always busy and I don’t know where else to turn. Is this just my paranoia taking over? Hoping it’s just stretching pains I’m just overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and have no where else to turn other than forums. Please help. Thank you xx 


  • Hi missg 

    My guess would definitely be stretching pains especially at over 15 weeks things will most definitely be moving and making room for your growing bubba:)

    Ignore your H/V about only call if u r bleeding that's utter rubbish if you are worried you call her!! That is what they are paid for to help look after pregnant mummies especially when they have anxieties!!

    I lost my son at 51/2 months pg my concerns were ignored by 3 independent midwives just because it was my 4th baby they just let me get on with it 😫By the time I convinced the 3rd midwife for a scan my sons heart had stopped beating:(

    This is very UNLIKELY anything for you to worry about before you panic as it's rare to loose a baby at this stage I was very unfortunate:/

    My point is do t be ignored ever you ring her when you need her 😊

    Hope the aches ease off a bit but go get yourself the reassurance u deserve 😘 

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