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Headache help!! I’ve always suffered from headaches before being pregnant had the odd one here and there this pregnancy but had a bad one since yesterday. I don’t really like paracetamol as I know it’s deemed safe in pregnancy but I’m worried about it affecting my baby 2 previous losses so very paranoid about losing this one too. Anyway I eventually gave in and took one paracetamol this morning after tossing and turning all night with my headache but I threw up I don’t know if it was the paracetamol that made me throw up or the fact I’ve had this headache a long time as I’ve never thrown up being pregnant before. Eating has been a struggle today ive not thrown up since this morning but I’ve only managed to eat fruit chips toast I know it’s not much but will my baby be okay? I’m not starving and can stom small amounts but head is pounding and eating makes it hurt more. I’m worried eating less today has effectled my baby!?! I’m drinking lots of water and picking at furit and things like rice when I can. This has only been happening today. Can anyone give me other tips that have helped you get rid of bad headache? As painkiller isnt working and I’m not feeling great. Thanks. Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be so helpful 


  • How far along are you rainbow? Keep an eye on it & if I doesn't ease I would def talk to your doctor about it. 

    I was the same as you.. after 2 MCs I was scared to take anything at all & suffered terrible headaches prettt much every day in the 1st trimester (eased off after that). I wouldn't even use aromatherapy oils as I heard that some oils can cause mc. So I eventually tried the 'cool and soothe' head strips and that actually helped quite a bit. you can get them in most chemists. No drugs or anything... just like a menthol gel which is very cooling on the skin & it definitely eased my headache. 

  • Thank you for your reply I’m 16 weeks tomorrow this is the first bad headache Ive had. Ive always been a sufferer from bad headaches this ones still lingering. I just hope when I wake up it’ll be gone. I just hope my baby is okay so hard not knowing how they are. Sorry for your losses. and thank you for your  recommendation I’ll look out for them in the chemist 

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