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Adventurous sex?!?

Up until recently I have really been off sex, however just lately my sex drive seems to be returning. Prior to conception me and my husband were quite adventurous in the bedroom and often used toys. Can these still be used during pregnancy? The most important one being the rampant rabbit?!?!? xxx


  • Good for you girl! My bump makes it too awkward for us, as I can only climax from one position, but bump is in the way lol!!! x
  • There's an article on babycentre about this:

    If u read it it says there's no research into it but sex toys should be fine as long as you keep them clean and don't 'mix orifices' - their words not mine!

    Using my rampant rabbit in early preg (about 4/5 weeks) made me bleed but I've had no problems since and was told it was normal!

    Philippa xxx
  • this is a bit of a sore subject for me at them minute, im 34 weeks and nothing seems to work! and i just feel so self-conscious even tho oh is so reassuring. hope things return to normal soon! xx
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