Am i Pregnant?

Had my little girl 7 weeks ago today. Only things is, is that I think I could be pregnant. I feel pregnant and have started to feel slightly sick in the mornings. Is it even possible to concieve 7 weeks after giving birth? I haven't had a period either, ony the usual blood loss from childbirth and after. Any opinions would be really helpful.

Thanks Garfield


  • oh dear thats a tricky one, im not too sure about it but if its worrying u its worth gtin it cheked out. by the way cold u tell me how to post a new forum cant seem to ffigure it out. thnkx
  • Selina

    press the new topic button at the top
  • garfield

    I would do a test, its definatly possible as a collegues daughter in law is 9 weeks & has a 18 week old so i would do a test just to be sure xx
  • it is def possible to be pregnant so soon after childbirth... they say you are at your most fertile after giving birth maybe you should do a test even if it just puts your mind at ease
    all the best x x x x
  • Hi yes its possible as i have a 12week old son and just found out on monday that im eight week pregnant, so i would do a test to put your mind at rest, vikki xx
  • coxley
    i've tried that but it only takes me to the next topic i ust wan to pos one o my own thankx for the reply earlier just duno wy ccant figure it out.
  • shouldnt do - if you press the new topic button it should take you to an empty screen where you can imput yoru title & topic, go back to the main screen & give that a go
  • FAO Vikki R. Had you had your period? And when did you have it?
  • Hi, I am not sure about after pregnancy, but I know I fell pregnant 2 weeks after D&C following miscarriage, so I know I shall be careful after this precious one is born in March.
    Mary xx
  • does anyone know when you should bleed? or when i should take a test? im a bit scared as looking after one is enough, and i want to spend all my time with her and not sharing it with another baby.
  • Garfield no i didnt have a period i had 2 1/2 week bleed after having him then about a wek after that hubby and i thought we would have a go and the condom ripped so went for morning after pill next day and had a bit of spotting a few days after that then nothing for about 8 weeks and started feeling pregnant so did a test and positive straight away, went to gp and she confirmed it. vikki xx
  • I fell pregnant within weeks of having my first child so I have a 10 month age gap between my first two(daughter was born Nov 97 son was born Sept 98)
  • My hairdresser found out she was pregnant again on her 6 week check up after having her first child, so very possible!
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