Pregnant again!

I'm going to be a mum of 2 under 2! OMG! I'm shocked, thrilled and worried about how I'm going to cope with two in nappies. I'm not quite 6 weeks along, but I have no symptoms. This is totally the opposite of my first pregnancy when I had nausea from day 1. I don't feel pregnant at all. I'm a bit worried about the lack of symptoms, but I guess every pregnancy is different.


  • I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mum of 2 under 2 - Congratulations! xx
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm also going to be a mum of 2 under 2. My lo will be 13 months when this one arrives in july. I was worried about lack of symptoms as i have had none with this pregnancy where as last time I had everything possible.Like you said every pregnancy is different.
    hayley x
  • congratulations hun,my friend had 2 under 2 (her 1st was 20mths when 2nd came)and she is coping fine im sure ul b great.Hanna 38wks xx
  • Congratulations hun! I will have two under two's as well. Millie will be 22 months when this one arrives in June. I actually had the opposite with the symptoms, last time round I wasn;t too bad at all, this time I started feeling 'pregnant' about a week before af was due. Is your first a girl or a boy, maybe the lack of symptoms is due to this one being the other flavour!
  • congratulations!
    i will also be a mum of 2 under two, evie will be 19months when little one due in 3 weeks time . i do worry how ill manage , but im sure it will be fine just alot of hard work but cant wait!.
    ive hardly put on any weight this time round, and carrying completely different, still having the same sort of preg niggles as last time . but we dont no the sex yet.
  • Congratulations! I'm also going to be a mum of 2 under 2. Ellis will be 17 months when this one arrives. I wanted a close age gap but amslightly worried about how much hard work it will be.

    I'm 8 weeks and the sickness has kicked in, its a lot worse than last time! Also, all the food i craved in my last pregnancy i have totally gone off, i want meat, chicken and salad now. Last pregnancy was bread, potatoes & cheese!

  • congrats im in same boat im 8weeks any lo is14mths . the extreme tiredness has kicked in .best wishes
  • Big congrats was this pregnancy planned or a happy accident? I have a 21month old and another lil one due in at the beginning of July, and i too wonder how the hell im gona cope, but i suppose women are the super species and we can deal with anything, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Well, I was going to say, been there, done that but I didn't have 2 under the age of 2......I had 2 under the age of 1!!!! My 1st was 10months and 1 day when her sister was born! I then went on to have 3 aged 4 and under lol. I'm now on my 5th, and my eldest will be 8 when this one comes along.

    No lie, it is hard work but not as hard as you mite think as everything from ur 1st is still so fresh in ur mind, it really does just come automatically 2nd time round! It is rewarding too, watching ur 2nd try to do everything big sis or bro does and things like that image

    Good luck to all of you!! xx

  • Thanks for the good wishes. It was a planned pregnancy. I wanted 2 close together. I am very excited that I'll have a newborn again. I really miss that part!
  • Congratulations to everyone. It is reassuring to hear that mummyx5 had two under one and is still having more! My baby is due 6 days before my son's first birthday so I have been a bit worried about how I'll manage, especially with my husband working away.

    All the best, Denise xx
  • hi ive got a four yr old n my daughter will be 20mnths when baby arrives im equaly excited n terrified but im sure we will get on great. but how will we all cope with having two stroppy teens so close in age u know 13yrs from now gulp!!!
  • My god i never thought about the teenage stage, hmmm now im thinking is it really a good idea having two babies so close together, ha ha ha. At least they won't be lonely like i was there is six years between me and first brother and then 11yrs between me and second brother (my mum kept saying she was having no more, non of her pregnancies were planned). Id be mortified now tho if she said she was pregnant agen, shes only 40 so its perfectly possible, and then there wud be 22yrs difference, ahhh! Scary thought. Kerry xxx

  • hi kerry my youngest brother is 24years younger than me infact he is two weeks older than my daughter which was weird to start with but joe is one of my favorite people in the whole world he makes me crease up, might b a bit weird when he hits 18 dont suppose he'll wana go to pub with me like my other bros n sisters do lol xxxxxxxxxx
    reaaly hope mum doesnt plan on anymore tho big sister to eleven and mum to two n a bump is knackering enough hahahaha
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