dizzy,clammy spells

i 6 wks now and i have had 2 epiosodes in last few weeks,that last about 3 mins or so. i just come over feeling sick,dizzy,clammy and i can feel sweat on my face. i have a period like pain to,then it just goes!!


  • god i hope this is normal.:\?
  • I've had a few dizzy spells so far this pregnancy. Strangely, they seem to be when I'm lying down. I fainted a couple of times during my first pregnancy which was worrying, but when I told my midwife, she said it was normal.
  • I get this too, and it always starts when I am standing up and using my arms, I only have to be doing my make-up or something and I go all light headed, get a tingly feeling all up my shoulders neck and head and feel sick. I have to sit and put my head between my legs, which is a bit tricky now with bump so I just lie on my side. Midwife said it is normal and is to do with blood pressure and extra blood etc.

    Faith. 32+2.xxx
  • mine gets worse when i do stuff like that too,doing make up,or just sitting on loo! my dizziness is when i get strong pulling cramping pains,and then just sicky all day!

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