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Abdominal cyst on baby at 17weeks pregnant

Hi yesterday on a private scan at 17 weeks pregnant the sonographer found a 1.29cm lower abdominal cyst on my little boy. I'm waiting to speak to something but going mad with worry about the possible outcomes and just need some further info and support if possible. 


  • Try not to worry I had a Scare through having a private scan at 23 weeks they said my wall were my placenta was attached was crumbling and called the hospital for an emergancy appointment there was a lot of whispering and it was terrifying then when the hospital called me it took a week for an appointment when I went the doctor told me they do not like private scans they refer woman all the time with problems and it extremely rare that anything is ever wrong she told me they are not qualified and have little training and the nhs has had a lot of desputs with them for years I no it's Easter said than done I no it's hard not 2 worry but wait till u see ur doctor good luck xc

  • Hi thanks. Well it's a reputable midwifery led private company with staff who also work in the NHS. It is specific to maternity not general private scans like some can be. You can see the cystic area clear as day on the scan. So I don't think she's wrong but is not a neonatal specialist. Specialist midwife from there will ring me tomorrow as she's not in until then. Trying to get hold of my midwife to arrange a specialist appointment and detailed scan. The sonographer said she wasn't worried and they can vary and often resolve. But it will need looking at and following up with a specialist. Just looking for others who may have experienced this process and whether little ones needed surgery after birth etc. He's so beautiful and looks perfect in every other way. Just hope the little guy is okay in there . 

    Sorry you had a bad experience and were probably worried sick! If your placenta is coming away that's a category 1 emergency. Glad all was okay. 

  • Hey @charlie88, I had an abdominal cyst found in my baby @ 16w then confirmed for definite @ 20w.  Just wondered what the outcome was with your LO?  As have been searching high and low online but can’t find much :( x
  • Hey @charlie88, I had an abdominal cyst found in my baby @ 16w then confirmed for definite @ 20w.  Just wondered what the outcome was with your LO?  As have been searching high and low online but can’t find much :( x
    Hey, at 20 weeks I had routine scan followed up by consultant scan the next week I think. Confirmed potential hydronephrosis and or cystic kidney. I had scans every 4 weeks. Diagnosed left multicystic kidney..they weren't worried they said many of us have one kidney and have no idea kidneys are complicated and it happens more than we knew before scans became so detailed. We can live fine and normally with one. Plus they can only tell so much when pregnant. They were going to do further tests after he was born. Scans didn't improve but baby otherwise well. I asked for a home birth despite complication because technically shouldn't be effected at the birth. I'm an ex midwife myself and history of rapid births. Neonatologist on board obstetrics were like ooo no we might induce you just in case. I was like can I be discharged from obstetrics please I'm only under them for fibromyalgia and I'd rather stick with neonatology experts. 
    Anyway. I had a rapid home birth I would have never made it to hospital so right decision. He was smaller than expected quite little now would be called IUGR (growth restriction) and my third pregnancy I was monitored more closely because of that and it was a bit of a close call at one point so it's obviously something that happens with me and not related to mcdk because 3rd boy has no mcdk. 
    So little he was and strong! So strong. And grew plenty very quickly. Fed and fed and he is now 3. A strong, fearless boy. He has no function in his left kidney. We have scans twice a year and a review once a year all being well. He has had no complications, no special meds or precautions, he is living a life no different to any other child. I am mindful of it especially with covid but again he isn't actually more likely to be poorly. Yes if it hit him hard which is unlikely then yes he only has one kidney. But he's not on any vulnerable list. 
    After he was born he was on prophylactic antibiotics just in case there was any reflux which means urine might go back up a bit and cause infections. As soon as it was shown he didn't they were stopped. 
    It's terrifying especially when they're inside you you feel responsible and like you should be able to make it better or something. I was anxious and especially when he was born a bit little. But my worries soon faded he is a force to be reckoned with! And you'd never know. I have 3 boys. He's the only one with mcdk. I have no family history of kidney complications although we wouldn't know unless someone had been poorly and needed a scan and seen it. It could be there but not known. I have a step father funny enough not biologically related with only one kidney has played rugby and lived a full normal life and only found out because he was poorly and they happened to notice on a scan he only had one kidney. If your little one does have mcdk there are support groups on Facebook and can private message me. 
    There are also many that have this sort of scan and the cysts disappear. Unfortunately it's hard to wait but you'll only know more what's going on as the pregnancy progresses and after little one is born. Try not to worry yourself and get too anxious you need rest and to look after yourself and babe. Good luck to you and your family 💞
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