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Please read this thread from baby - word of warning to everyone image xxxx


  • We didn't really reply in August thought it was some marketing nut trying to go into competition... what does everyone think this is?? I'm not too worried as I am careful about what I share on here and I love the ladies on this site... your all very savy women and its great your looking out for us pregnant women - so thank you and thank you for the warning... hopefully any people who are not real will bugger off and quick as they start up xx
  • I remember the post, but there's no way i'd have been putting any pics at all on the site, didnt even look at it! Its sad that we all have to be so wary when most of us here are lovely and genuine, it makes me feel sick that one person can cause so much grief! x
  • i dnt av a clue wot any of this is all about.I do go on the baby forum but havent been on much lately cuz cnt b arsed with all this arguing! xx
  • hi
    yeah i saw the post as well and just thought 'weirdo' no way was i going to go to the website or send any pics! but if this person is lifting pics from on this website and sticking them up elsewhere it might be wise not to put any more photos on here?

    other than all that i hope everyone's OK!

    aileen xx
  • I think that we can't ever know exactly who we talk to on here, so I guess we all need to use this as a reminder to be a bit csareful about what we say on here. Remember that you don't need to be a member to read forum posts (just to reply)- so really anyone could be watching what we say.

    Personally, I think that whoever these people/this person is, that she is desperately in need of some help. My personal feelings are, that either she has quite serious PND (which I hope she gets help with, before it effects her baby) or that she has suffered some sort of loss/bereavement in relation to her baby.

    Either way, I hope she gets's the help that she needs, but I don't think that this forum is the place for her to get it, and I wonder what she get's out of posting on here.

    In the mean time, I don't think we should waste any more energy on her, and we certainly shouldn't let her ruin what is a really nice forum.

  • OMG how could someone try to take advantage of everyone like that! its terrible to think we can't post any pictures now. myself i haven't put any up but that is due to me not having a scanner at the moment!

    hope everyone well

    16weeks today
  • Hi girls, I haven't been on here this weekend but logged on this morning and just been having a read up on baby and here. If this Beckie is a weirdo then it is a shame that someone would do what he/she is doing and attempting to ruin our site. I hope that this incident will make everyone a bit cautious. I have been cautious for a while after a similar incident on the TTC website at the end of last year. There have also been some very nasty posts on the Baby website the last few days which are disgusting from someone called 4leaf.

    I hope that us on the pregnancy forum dont encounter anyone and can carry on as usual

    Georgie 13+2
  • i just cant believe it..... just read all of her topics.. just glad that wev got some fab mums n mums 2b on here that look out for us all...thanx ladies.xx
  • I originally posted on here when I was due with my first daughter in June 2007. I can't honestly understand why there are people out there who can be bothered to waste their time and ours with these silly posts. I would definitely not post any pics of my daughter on any website like this.

    Hopefully the moderators will have he/she removed as soon as possible.

  • ive just read all her posts wot a wierdo do u think it is looking 4 sum1 or summink i reckon a nonse to be honest im so glad there are some brill mummies looking out 4 us all on here i think the moderators shud have it looked into just incase it is a nonse cos if he or she dont get anywhwere on here the othere sites may not have ppl as clever and as cautious on the other sites xx
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