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Booking in appointment today....

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to let you know how it went with my booking appointment today. The midwife was an hour and a half late (!) but when she did arrive it was very thorough. I have a date for my early scan now (25th - 2 weeks away!) and info on booking my other scans and blood tests so it all seems real now! Apparently because of the birth last time (emergency c-section and baby in special care) I will need to see the consultant at the hospital a few times as well as the midwives to decide whether i need another section because the problem may occur again or whether I can do it naturally. At least i'll get more appointments and scans to check on the bean though! All in all it went really well so i'm pleased and looking forward to getting to see the bean for the first time in a couple of weeks!

Hope everyone is well!

Amy .x


  • i had my first appointment with my midwife today too. I'm to see her again in 3 weeks when she says she'll of sorted me a date for my scan. She really only had a chat with me today and checked my urine and took my blood.
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