is this ok

so dont no if uve read my past posts but im 6wks 6days pregnant and for the 1st few wks ive had really bad neusea really bad cant smell or look at food...

bbs have been biga but not sore and every now again i get bad leg cramps..

but for the past 2 days ive had nothing?
had a little dull ache in my tummy but no bleeding or anything else..

Now im worried that im not working should i be worried?



  • Hi hun, I thought I'd reassure you.
    I had no pregnancy symptoms at all, no sickness, nothing! Of course that made me worry too! Every day of your pregnancy will be different, with different feelings and symptoms, so try and relax from now on, otherwise you'll not enjoy it and be constantly worrying like I did in the 1st Trimester.
    I had a dull ache like a period pain all through the first 12 weeks and worried about it. When I went to the Doctor they told me it was normal to feel aches and pains as it's the body preparing for pregnancy. All the while you're not experiencing bleeding, you can relax. Any sign of spotting, contact your Doc.
    I'm now 6 months pregnant and still worrying about every little thing, to the point where I thought my baby was moving too much!! Silly eh?! Try and chill out and by some good pregnancy books, they are quite reassuring!
    We paid for a private scan at 10 weeks so we could see our little one before the official hospital scan. That really helped and made me relax a bit!
    Good luck with it all!!
    Big hugs x
  • You preg symptoms will come and go hun, I used to panic if I felt awful one day then fine the next but I'm nearly 32 weeks now so I had no need to worry image the dull ache in your belly is perfectly normal to hun.


    feeling so tired...x x x
  • Hi

    Don't worry I was exactly the same - the first day I did not feel sick at about 7 and a bit weeks, I panicked like mad! No one tells you that morning sickness comes and goes. It did come back again, then went at about 9/10 but has come back a bit now (14/15 weeks). I don't feel sick all the time now but if I don't keep eating I start to feel like I will be sick there and then! I've never been sick though so quite lucky really.

    I'm sure everything is OK ((hugs))

  • I no wat u mean about the eating thing felt ill couldnt bring myself to eat n almost fainted on the train...
    So just got myself to eat n i did feel alot beta i feel beta if i have small things not big meals. Im ok actually eating i just cant see,smell or think about food makes me feel sick....

    I feel beta when im moving too so i try n get out the office whne i can.

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