Pregnancy symptoms: what was your first that made you think ‘Yup, i’m definitely pregnant’?


We were hoping you would come and tell us, aside from missing your period, which pregnancy symptom did you have, that made you think to yourself ‘Yes! I’m definitely pregnant’ in those first few weeks? 

We’d love to hear which symptom is was for you that made you just know you were pregnant. Please do let us know by posting below, we'd love to hear from you. 



  • We were on holiday in Lanzarote... woke up one morning feeling lightheaded & bit funny, then hubby said I could be pregnant!

    Did a test on holiday & it was all in spanish... but came up positive! 

  • We went to a birthday party and were taken and posted on face looked like a balloon, I weighed myself and had lost weight, so knew.

    I hadn't been pregnant for a long time, but it always showed in my face first.

    I did a test a week later.

  • My boobs - they felt bigger straight away and were so incredibly painful. that's when i tested and got a positive. 

  • A very random one with this (my 3rd) pregnancy. With my previous 2 pregnancies my motion sickness got significantly worse, so when we went to the fair and I came off the waltzers green and about to throw up I strongly suspected. 2 days later I got my BFP!

  • vivid dreams were my first sign then tender boobs

  • My sense of smell for me. I love wine but the smell one night was making me gag. Xx

  • Went for a morning run and was unable to even jog slowly the pain in my boobs was so intense. I put it down to being due on my period, later that day I felt nauseated. Husband said he was convinced I was pregnant but as I still had a few days before I was due my period I didnt take the test until 3 Days later. 

  • My boobs were constantly sore for a few weeks, felt a bit woozy. First test came back negative tested again 2 weeks later and got a positive. 

  • I had a medical and my blood pressure was higher than normal. For some reason this made me test and i got a positive.

  • I had sore boobs and nipples and it got unbearable, also mega hot sweats and heart palpitations, so I done a test and it was positive, went to hospital and my hcg levels were 6 

  • The skin on my face became super oily! I mean suuuuper oily. It was like nothing I had had before. Didnt realise it was a sign I til a week later when I got a very surprising ‘pregnant’ on a digital image

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