1 positive test, bleeding and now negative, had scan today &

hi everyone posted on here a couple of days ago thank u for all ur support went for scan today and the nurse kept going over this little baked bean shaped thing and then zooming in to have a look she then asked me to do test and it was negative, but she has sent me for bloods as me pee was very very dilute like water. When i went 4 the first scan when i mc before there was nothing at all there but this time there was this baked bean.
Ive got to call 2moro for blood results just really dont know what to make of it but have really already thought of the worst scenario mc again.
Has anyone experienced this or similar situations?


  • How many weeks pregnant do you thing you are? A heartbeat can't normally be seen untill 7 weeks (I think) so a bean maybe all that you could expect to see. If you are very early on the level of hormones will be low which could explain the negative test, especially if your wee was very dilute. I think all you can do is wait, at least you should have an answer soon.
    Thinking of you
  • im 7 weeks and i dont really know what to make of it thank u for replying im just confused but like i said have already in my mind prepared for the worst quite a while ago.
    The nurse said that if the hormone level is below 25 when they get the results back 2moro then it backs up the negative result but the nurse said before i took the preg test that if it was positive i would have to have an internal done and that is what confused me most i should have really asked but i was in the state of denial i think!!!!!!:\?
  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I know that there are alot of people on her who have had alot of bleeding early on and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. I had early spotting both with this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with my little girl. I think the state of denial is natural, it is so hard to take everything in when things like this happen.
    Good luck
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