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Age old question: How can I stop Morning Sickness!?

Thought I would be lucky this time and not have sickness. I'm 7 weeks gone - with the first one I was sick straight away at 4 weeks, so thought I got away with it this time!

When I felt really ill I used to have a luck warm bath to take my mind of the yucky feeling. I try to eat little and often, but most times the thought of food makes me feel worse - as does the smell - EWWW!

Does anyone have any suggestions they swear by, looked on sites and they suggest ginger, eating little and ofter etc, but would like to hear of some REAL tried and tested techniques from you lovely mums and mums to be image)

Thanks, Karys xxx


  • Hi,

    Thanks lucyp, I'm going to look those up! Sounds great and I'll also try the bands Sukina.

    It's ok if you manage to throw up because then you get some relief from it for a while, but if you're not sick then it is constant nausea!

    Anything to stop this, it's a real blag on my life at the moment! I'm due on 19th June 2008. Sounds like such a long way off - but it's going to be here before you know it!! Take care, thanks for the advice - keep in touch! xxx
  • first of all congrats on your pregnancy,
    you are dew 2days after my daughters 4th bday.
    i also sufferd from constant nausia and the best thing for me was having a bag of mint imperials, they always stopped me feeling sick for at least 45mins-1 hour.
    hope it eases soon hun xx

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  • full fat coke helped me and basically anything bad for you. Sucking on Sweets got me thro the day at work and cheese and tomatoe pizza was the only thing i could stomach or plain bagels. I didnt worry about putting on weight as i thought eating something was better than nothing. remember to drink plenty tho otherwise you will dehydrate and end up in hospital-sorry for the drama but thats what hapened to my friend.- the last thing you want.
    Hope this helps
  • Hello,
    M morning sickness has stopped now but i used chewing gum i used hte extra cool breeze ones and if i could use them i used polos. this seemed to help me. i hope t helps u
  • Hi, I found that mints helped me too, particularly when I was in the car as I always used to feel even worse when travelling. Try and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep too as when you are tired it will make you feel even worse. I took pregnacare vitamins to try and make sure I was getting the basics that I needed for the lo. I found I was ok with bananas and I also used to have some chinese ginger and chicken soup that seemed to help. I ended up losing over half a stone despite eating whatever I could but my midwife was not concerned and once I hit 12 weeks the sickness stopped and the weight soon came back!!

    I have also heard about anti sickness bracelets you can get from boots but as I live abroad it isn't something I have tried. May be worth a look though!

    Good luck! xx
  • Yummy_mummy, I agree that its better to be sick than feel sick! I was sick most days but the days when I weren't were worst.

    Tips that worked for me:
    1. Eating dry food like toast and crisps.
    2. Eating as soon as I got up, BEFORE I had anything to drink as if I drank first I was sick. Weird eh?
    3. Eating really plain food like beans on toast, staying away from smells especially fried food - yuck!
    4. Plain mints like mint imperials helped.
    5. Eating little and often.
    6. Plain fizzy drinks like lemonade.
    7. Being active cos the more u lie down and think about how bad u feel the worse u will feel!
  • How is everyone coping with work,I really don't feel well enough to be in work all day long! Am I just being a wuss!??
  • Thanks for the good advice - My boyfriend bought me the bands today I put them on correcty and 2 mins later I felt the world of difference (I was basically a cripple on the sofa with a blanket over me feeling very sorry for myself) I then managed to stomach something to eat - ginger nuts.

    I agree Tiger Lily - anything fried definitely sets me off - I eat plain cream crackers in the morning before drinking.

    I went out and the cool fresh air felt great.

    Hi Click! I know what you mean...the best thing to do is try to explore the different ways to try and combat the sickness, look at the suggestions given by these lovely ladies. The sickness bands really worked for me. They are staying on 24hours a day!!!!!!

    You are NOT being a wuss and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Being preggers takes a LOT out of you. You feel tired, sick, dizzy and if no one is in the same situation as you, they simply will not understand. Just take it easy and talk to your boss about it so concessions can be made for you. Like more regular breaks etc. You deserve it.

  • Hi ya, Im 6 months pregnant and started 2 get morning sickness quite bad from 3 weeks, i cudnt literally do anything as my body was taken over by it. My friend who has 2 kids under 3 told me 2 try swimming 3 times a weekwhich i forced myself 2 try and it really worked, the difference after 2 times going was amazing. My morning sickness then dissappeared completely after 3 weeks!!! Have a go!! x
  • I know, it's something about the water being a healing property or something. As i've said before on the days I felt really bad I used to take a tepid bath not too cool and sat in there for a while and it really eased the nausea. I think it just completely took my mind off it and gave my body something else to think about...

    Has anyone else tried that yet?

    It's hard because the foods I loved for treats like fish and chips I can't stand anymore. Nothing gets my taste buds going!

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  • Excellent, I'm going to try that!
  • Glad to hear you've got the bands & theyre working for you. I've suffered from sickness throughout the whole of this pregnancy, I'm now 36 weeks, despite having no sickness during my 1st pregnancy & I found the bands were the only thing that really helped me. I didnt take them off at all for the 1st 6 months (had to get 2 pairs so as I could wash one!!)

    Good luck & glad to hear yoyre feeling a bit better

    Hilary x
  • thank you Hilary! I was very sceptical about the bands at first, but now I urge others to give them a go. they really take the edge off the nausea so you can get on with your day.
  • I had actually gone off food altogether before I got mine, even smelling or looking at it was enough to turn me & the day I went to the shopping centre to get them I put them on in the shop & went into the cafe next door & had a panini. I was living on boiled sweets before that!!!

    Hilary x
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