Prams, prams so many prams!!!

image Heya guys, my bestest friend in the whole wide world is pregnant and were going to look at prams soon. Any suggestions? Shes looked at the Loola and silver cross 3D and freeway but thought id come and ask the professionals as it were! lol. Me and my oh are still trying ourselves but this helps distract from the worry. Id really appreciate help


kim xx


  • We are also looking at silvercross freeway.
    It'll be interesting to hear what you and your friend think of it.
    Hubby hasn't let me have a play with it yet as he doesn't want to be nagged by sales assistants but if you do get chance to put it up and down please let me know image
    We where also looking at the Mother Care 3D but again haven't had chance to have a play.

    Either way have fun

    Lucie x
  • I've got a mamas & papas pliko pramette and I hate it!!
    Silver and black looks nice but shows every bit of fluff. Says suitable from birth- but only if baby will sleep on it's back and mine would not!
    Parasol cost a bomb and is super crap.
    car seat is bulky and heavy.

    I could go on but don't want to offend others that may have bought it........ and I might want to sell it soon as preg again so need a double!
  • im getting a phil and ted vibe, due in june and have a toddler so needed a double, bought a fancy silver cross last time although its lovely, its quite bulky but i think you only know what you need once you have had your baby for a couple of months!! xx
  • right let me get comfy as this is my speacialist subject!!!! i think loubie lou is right u never know what u need until uv tried a few` with ur baby but. i love the silver crosses but due to small amounts of latex in the handles i cant use them but my mum got one last year n loves it. as its silvercross u get so much after care the little silver hubcaps on my mums wheels came off n she lost 2 so she spoke to silvercross n they sent her a whole new set plus a summer comfort pack to appologise ! Nice considering they cost about 75 quid seperately. they are quite bulky mind u. and the carseat doesnt fit some cars so try b4 u buy. i have a graco liberty elite which i love as but it is a big pram, ive had a couple of haucks n they r v good and quite cheap especially if u buy from online 4 baby on ebay. hope this helps lol im pushchair obssessed! xxxx
  • the chicco trio one looks fab and is the same price as the 3d, folds down as small but has a proper carrycot! which i had seen it before i bought my 3d, which is good but wont do him much longer in the pram mode (hes 2 months old and 11lbs).
  • I really liked the Pliko Pramette and the Silvercross 3D, but when I took the car to try them out, I found neither fitted in the boot of my Yaris!

    I ended up with the Mamas & Papas Luna, which has a folding handle, so is not as long as the others when in the boot of the car. Baby hasn't arrived yet, but I actually really like it, even though I hadn't even considered it at first.
  • iv got the silvercroff freeway, it was on offer at coop and cost ??250 inc car seat,footmuff,rain cover. i love it has baby can face you and looks great, but make sure your car has a big boot has there quite big! we have an estate car so were ok. xxx
  • Thanks so so much guys for your help. Ive spoken with my friend and shes very excited at your suggestions! please feel free to add any new suggestions as and when. thanks again xx
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