What does palpable mean??

I had a mw check yesterday and was reading my notes when I came home and it says I am 3/5 palpable- does this mean the babys head is 3/5 engaged??

I am a bit confused coz she said my cervix was away back and wasn't yet soft


  • yeah it means the hed is starting to engage they can still feel 2/5 of the babies head, i was 3/5 engaged for 8 weeks, lol image
  • Thanks ladies- I thought thats what it meant just wasn't 100% sure!! I am being induced on Wednesday so I def won't have to hang aroung much longer lol
  • Yeah, palpable literally means "to feel", ie palpable uterus at 12 weeks. MW can feel 3/5 of the head therefore you are 2/5 engaged.

  • palpable is how much mw can feel so 3/5 palpable is 2/5 engaged.x
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