Lack of movement advise please

Hi ladies

Im 26+1 and I have been feeling all sorts of movement for quite some time now.

Lately my little bambino has been really active practically all day long and through the night.

Today I have had a really stressful day & been on my feet quite a bit, Im not sure that i've felt baby move today.

I know this sounds silly in a way but normally I am sitting on my arse working from home so feel all sorts.

Today I have been out and about dealing with all sorts of stuff so I dont actaully know if I was so preoccupied that I just didnt notice movement or if I actually havent had any!!

What should I do?? I've just had a couple of slight twinges but noting like I normally feel!!

Im a little anxious now & not sure if I should call the MW or not

Thanks for any advise

26+1 xxx


  • I've been feeling the same the last couple of days. I've felt stuff, just not the same prods and kicks.. more like little ripples or 'pops'.

    I went back to work on Monday after 5 weeks off, so at first thought I wasn't noticing because I was busy, but today I've specifically been looking out for it and though I can feel movements every now and again they're not nearly as significant as a week ago.

    Do you have a doppler? I use that when I'm really in need of reassurance. Is that all the mw does to monitor, if we go in for a check?
  • Thanks Stephi,

    maybe i'll try a glass of cold water 1st & see if that does the trick & then ring them if still nothing.

    LSG, I do have a doppler but I dont really want to use it for some reason. They strap a monitor onto bump to monitor heart rate & movement.
    I've felt slight ripples too this eve but noting like usual!! xx
  • I had something similar with Lorelei one time and was told to have a drink of lucozade or cola but don't feel bothered about calling maternity unit- it's what they're there for and will put your mind at ease x
  • G/C from baby - I had reduced movements a lot during my pregnancy and found that both drinking cold water and a fizzy, sugary drink helped as recommended by the hospital midwives.

    Hope this helps and that you feel reassured soon; it is most likely just baby's position changing image

    Em (and 11 month old Grace!) xx
  • Thanks ladies for the reassurance.

    Im gona try all of those things to see if it gets my lazy one on the move again and if not then I will give the labour ward a ring and see what they say.

    Thanks so much xxx
  • Hey you

    Firstly, try not to freak out. I know it is hard. When I was 25 weeks I had a couple of days when Button was quite quiet and it did worry me ALOT! But all was well.

    Anyhoo, when I saw my GP he said that actually babies at that stage do have quiet periods. Either they have moved into a new position or they are just "sleepy".

    My advice would be to see what its like tomorrow and then if you are still concerned to contact your labour ward.

    XX Sara
  • hi, if u've been on the go ur movements tend to rock baby to sleep as such (which is why it always appears that they are awake when we are resting). try having a cold and/or fizzy drink and a lay down for 10 minutes, if still nothing then give ur mw/maternity unit a call. xx
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for all your replys.

    I have been sitting down for the last 30 mins or so with a cold drink & a packet of jelly babies & I am now feeling some kicks.

    Panic over I think!! Thanks for advise ladies & taking the time to reply, think maybe I just didnt pay as much attention as was on the move.

    Thanks again xxx
  • Glad all is well hun, I've also noticed today that bubs was quieter so tried the sugar whihc worked image


  • I also had the same thing at your stage, I think it's quite easy to just not notice the movements if you've been sat down for too long. Glad baby is moving again for you!!

    I think at 26 weeks the mw will just listen to the heartbeat if you're concerned, as they can't get a decent reading on the CTG monitor until after about 30 weeks or so I think. I went in for reduced movements at 26 weeks and they literally used the doppler and said 'there you go'!

    Glad you have felt some movement now though!

    Kat xx
  • Great news Laura xx
  • Thanks lovelies, ohh that's interesting MrsKP about the monitor.

    Just had a bath & again lots of kicks I think I just was so busy I didnt notice & then what with memory like a sieve probably forgot!!! Silly me!!!

  • Glad you are feeling more movements!

    If you are ever even slightly worried, just call your midwife. They are usually lovely, and will tell you that you have done the right thing. They will never think you are a crazy old pregnant lady (like I imagined they would image )
  • Glad to hear your little one is letting you know s/he is fine xx
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