need a lil help. im useless with computers!

how do i get the babys progress bar from that some of u have got?


  • You ned to copy the BB code and copy it to a word doc on your computer then paste it to the bottom of every post on here. Hope that helps!

  • thanx tamarabell i'll give it a go.
  • well that didnt work let me try agin
  • yey there we go

  • Well done! You are just 3 days ahead of me!!!
  • oh wow! do u know the babys sex?

  • No this is my first so what I supprise! My oh already has a daughter who is 14. I saw your other post about having kids close together. Do your two boys get on? Believe it or not we are already planning number 2!
    Tammi xxx

  • i definatly rate it! i love having my boys together. none of my children were planned but im so glad they came along wen they did. they do fight but then all brothers and sisters will wen they reach a certain age. i cant wait for this 1 to hurry up and get here then in a year or sos time its gona be great - hard work but i cant wait! i think 12 - 18 months is the best age. would u like a boy or girl or r u happy both ways?

  • Happy either way to be honest. Would be nice to have a boy for my oh plus we have 6 nieces and only 1 nephew on his side so think the whole family would love a boy. Also long as lo arrives safe and healthy thats all I am bothered about. Hopefully we will start trying again when this one is about 3 months. Oh is getting old now and wants the second one on its way before he hits 40! xxx

  • i think a man always wants his son. i think having them close together is no harder than havin them spaced out - in some ways its easier everythings still fresh in ur mind and wen they r older ur all doing things together. also im only 21 so by time they r a bit older and in school i can go bk to collage and retrain. have u got any names in mind?
  • Well done on coping with all this at 21! Don't want to sound patronising (sp) I am 27 almost 28 and shitting myself at the thought of one baby never mind 3! Your boys are sooo cute. Not got any names yet as oh keeps picking ones he likes then changing his mind! Bloody men! Step daughter picked way! I really like Dakota or Arizona for a girl & Harley for a boy but oh dosn't like them. What are your boys called and what names do you have for this one? xxx

  • just testing my ticker - im a bit rubbish too
  • well... that didn't work did it!!?

  • yay... i did it

  • Harley is lovely for a boy and Dakota is a lovely name too. My OH dosnt like any names I come out with so I know I'll just have to listen to his suggestions and pick the "not so ridiculous one" again. My boys have Blical names James is my eldest (also his dads name) and youngest is Isaac-Elijah although he just gets called Isaac. If I had my way they would be Callum and Connor but never mind.
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