johnsons summer sun

anyone know if this is safe to use during pg? i'm looking decidedly pastey and was hoping for a little colour.


  • hi, I think its grand as i have been using it and normal fake tan.

    Becsxx 28+4wks
  • thanks becs. great really need to get some colour seeing as i cant sunbathe this summer
  • i'm similar, i think i need a bit of colour. although i would recommend Olay (i'm assuming it is ok to use?) as I found Johnsons was a bit streaky/uneven etc. I really liked the Olay one.

    just my opinion though!
  • Hi, I used johnsons holiday sun during my last pregnancy to give myself a bit of a colour boost, but i came out in a mad rash and i iched all over for the rest ov my pregnancy. It was really weird coz id used it loads of times before i was preg but they say ur skin becomes more sensitive, so just be careful and watch out for any nasty rashes. On the bright side tho after i had the baby i was fyn to use it agen, very strange. Kerry xx

  • Hiya,
    I've got nearly a whole bottle of this left over from last year does ne1 no if it's still ok to use or does it have a sell by date?
  • I am def gonna get the olay one then cos I am finding the Johnsons well streaky and uneven!
  • All fake tans are fine to use according to my pregnancy book - its only sunbeds and long periods of time in the sun to be avoided. I have the Johnson's one - but I thought I bought the new odur free one but dont think I have because it smells of fake tan...once its used I think i will buy the Olay one..its nice to have some colour - someone said I was looking even paler than usual now I am pregnant - but it was a stupid man!

  • Its beacuse your skin is way more sesitive and burns easier and you shouldnt get too hot when preggers anyway as baby is not liking boil in the bag. Thats what my midwife said anyway. Assume shes right?
  • Ha ha ha Leigh, that could be difficult to explain!
  • cheers ladies. not sure how i would cope with out this site to ask my random questions
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