should i be worried

hi ladies just a question for you all i am worried about my babys movements some days she is moving all day other days i only get the odd kick. i am 26/2 any advice x x x x


  • I wouldnt have a clue as I'm not that far. I think its normaly that some babies have good days and some days not. Maybe some days she is just really tired froma aerstless night and stays quiet in the day. Maybe as the midwife!!!
  • She might be waking up while you're asleep. Check with your m/w.
  • thanks ladies think i will give her a call x
  • Hi Bev

    I'm 27+4 today and my lo is the same i can have days where baby moves none stop and days when it's so quiet but i still get at least 10 movements.

    I spoke to mw about this at my last visit and she said if i do lots of walking it can settle baby and make them sleep for longer periods of time she also said that as long as you get 10 movements/kicks then it's fine and babies do have quiet days so try not to worry although it's easier said than done.

    x x
  • Hi Bev
    I'm 29+5wks and my babys movements still have no pattern. Just like you, some days it moves so much I don't think it sleeps! Other days, it might just give a few kicks and I worry - poor little thing can't win!
    The days that babe doesn't move so much, you might be busy or just not notice the movements.
    The odd kick is better than none at all in a day!
  • I was also worried about the same when i was around 25 wks. I worked at a store so i was on my feet and i would rock her to sleep i would notcie more moving when i wasn' can also try to eat a popsickle or drink some warm milk that usually gets them going. some times even when my lil girl has been moving and i want to get her going gain i just give my tummy a little wiggle and she's on the can also try putting head phones on your tummy something with a little beat not loud thow. and if you do it a couple times a week they will start going with the beat..its so cute..try it
  • I went the hospital a few times paranoid that my baby wasn't kicking enough. Most the time he was sleeping alot.. and the rest of the time he was facnig my back so when he did move I couldn't feel it much if at all! I wouldn't worry too much, if you ever are worried and haven't felt your baby move for a while, get a bath and see if your baby moves then, whenever my o/h kissed my belly the baby would always kick! so I used to make him do that if I was worried lol. xxx
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