Best Breast Pads - Any reccomendations please

Hi Girls

Just wondered what the best breast pads are..

I got a few samples from Avena and Tommee Tippee, but these seem expensive in the shops, all the supermarkets and boots have their own brands, which ones are best?


  • johnsons were the best for me, but morrisons come a very close second, they're almost identical but more than half the price! think its ??1.70 for a box of 50. they were curved/shaped so didn't move around, and because they didn't ahve the sticky backs they were easy to remove and replace after feeds xx
  • Personally hun with breast pads my opinion is you get what you pay for. I tried so many when bf my two but I produced A LOT of milk and nothing seemed to stop the leaks.

    I bought the lansinoh ones eventually, which were expensive, but so good!

    It all depends on your milk production and how much you leak, you may be ok with the cheaper home brand ones, only way to find out is to try them.
  • Boots own, i found to be absolutely shocking!!!! It's the closest i've ever come to complaining about something, but with a newborn, i couldn't be bothered haha! I found the Lansinoh ones to be the best ever, but they are expensive. I got a box from my midwife and they were a godsend after the boots ones xx
  • tomee tippee ones i found the best, boots ones made me sweaty, the asda ones were ok x
  • gatecrashing here but i loved the Johnsons ones they were really nice and soft, i did use boots, morrisons and asda own brands which were ok if your on a tight budget but i found them to be rougher than the others which wasnt great for sore nipples, also they leaked through faster xx
  • also, little tip, put a tiny dab of vaseline in the centre of ur breast pad (or where ur nipple sits) its stops it sticking to it, which can be quite ouchy! x
  • ooh great tips girls, I think I'll go for a mid priced one, probably the johnsons or the morrisons. X
  • Johnsons for me too! None of the cheap ones worked the same.

    This time I'm going to try lilypadz as I got through so many pads last time and want something abit easier! x
  • Johnsons for me too! None of the cheap ones worked the same.

    This time I'm going to try lilypadz as I got through so many pads last time and want something abit easier! x
  • Was just going to say, I originally tried re-usable ones, but found they just weren't absorbant enough for me, but like I said above, it all depends on your milk production.
  • For me the only ones I liked, were the tommee tippee ones. I leaked a lot, and they were the only ones able to cope with it, also they are by far the most comfortable to wear! They are expensive though! xxx
  • it's so long ago now lilypie, but I think they were from mothercare. I had the same reasons as you, reusable nappies so went for the reusable pads, they came with a little net bag for washing, but they didn't have any sort of waterproof backing so when I leaked (and believe me it was like a fountain :lol: ) it just went straight through the pad.

    Though I do admit that my mw and health vistor said that I was producing a lot mor milk than 'average' I believe the term was that I could have fed the whole street :lol:

    I will be having a look around this time to see if they have now produced some with waterproof backing, but before I really did find the lansinoh ones with the sticky back the best for me.
  • Hmm, I like the Boots ones - the thin ones though, not the thicker ones. I've said in the past on these threads that Tommee Tippee ones are good but a bit stiff - but that was from when I used them with my son 2 years ago, now I've tried them again and they've changed and are much softer - if I leave it in my bra while feeding though (which I do if I;m out in oublic rather than taking it out) I find the filing scrunches up and doesn't want to lie flat again - never had that problem with the boots ones.
    Also, Boots ones have never made me sweaty, but have noticed that the TT ones do - I guess different ones suit different people.

    I use Asda's own overnight - they're a bit thick but I don't mind about them not being disctreet under my PJs! - and they were gentle on sore nipples in the early days.
  • I'd go with the Lansinoh ones - they were definately the most absorbent (I leaked a lot, so needed this). They are more expensive, but they're brill.

    I also found the reusable ones to be useless. They're not discreet, and not absorbent.

  • LILYPADZ LILYPADZ LILYPADZ!!!! Cant see them as they r made of clear soft rubber, can wear them under bikinis, bra less dresses, they are re usuable and now Boots finally stock them.I used them with my two and will b using them again..
  • It has to be Lilypadz!!!

    I found that you could see other pads through your clothes, they were a pain to wash (you just rinse Lilypadz), and you didn't need to wear a bra with them! I didn't sleep in a bra, just a maternity nightie, and other pads would fall out. Lilypadz stick on, I love them!!!
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