Blood clots...(sorry TMI)

Hi Ladies

I don't post much in here, mainly in October but I kind of need some advice from ladies that are maybe further along in their pregnancies!

I had a little brown spotting last Monday and was booked in for an early scan today. I went along and they could only see the pregnancy sack, they could not find a heartbeat but said it may be too early. (According to LMP I am 6+1 today but we were not trying so I have no idea when I ov'd and have never tracked the length of my cycles) After the spotting on Monday I didn't really have anything more but this morning (after a big O not through BD'ing if you know what I mean) I had about 1 tsp of brown spotting again which cleared with wiping and none there after I showered. went for the scan and when I came back there were a few tiny little brown clots (or at least I think they were clots, very hard to describe as they were so small!)

Seriously worried! Any advice would be really appreciated and please feel free to be brutally honest!



  • When I mc at 5+2 I had bleeding for 5 days very similar to a period but slighlty heavier and redder.

    I know it doesn't really help but may put your mind at rest, I know on your other post you said that you scan isn't for a while maybe push for another one, if you say there is more bleeding and some pain, little white lie I know but if it puts your mind at rest.
  • hi hun i had loads brown bleeding and red bleeding all way up to 8half weeks it really worried me as it was constant i thought that was it also had early scan sac found no heart beat had another scan week later and hb found im now 19 weeks wenesday and things going ok so try not to think worst try stay positive good luck x x
  • Hey hun i had a bleed early on in pregnancy (red blood) and was sent for an early scan at the epu. I was just over 6 weeks and all they saw was the sac, no beanie in it and no heartbeat. I had to go back a fortnight later for another and there it was beanie in sac and heartbeat flickering away!!! My dates were just a couple days out!!!! Brown blood is old blood and is certainly better than it being bright red. Fingers crossed but it could easily just be a bit early to see beanie and spotting can be quite common in pregnancy, i've had brown spotting at 3 separate times in my pregnancy aswell as that early bleed and im due bub tomorrow!!!!

    Suzi 39+6 xxxxx
  • Thank you ladies, I feel much more positive now.....I REALLY hope this is a sticky bean!!!

    Suzi....good luck today, I hope the LO doesn't keep you waiting around for long! image
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