Nursing vest tops and front opening pj's

Hi all

As i am now 34 weeks and on maternity leave i decided it would be a good time to do my hospital bag all was going well until i started looking for nursing vest tops and front opening pj's.

They are either reslly expensive or normal in a bigger size just don't fit.

Anyone got any ideas ????



34 + 2



  • I am just using long vest tops with thin straps for hospital and shorts. I too loked around for maternity stuff but they are too expensive and if you are just getting them for hospital then they may get ruined so prob best not to spend too much as may have to throw them out after!!

  • I bought a pair of front opening pj's from tesco for ??5 and my nursing bras for ??5 the pj's are blue and pink checked, a button up shirt and shorts and are fab.

    Not sure about tops though image

  • Thanks Girls

    Seen some Pj in Asda which might be ok

    Was looking in mothercare but pj's were ??30 and nursing vest tops were ??10.

  • Hi caz I bought 4 nursing / maternity vests from ebay and they came to a total of about ??14.50 including postage and they are brand new ex George at Asda stock. The item number is 310049250805 and then you will need to look at the other items in the shop. This is the cheapest that I have found them.
    Tammi xxx
    35.3 wks
  • Primark have got some lovely summery front openin pjs at the mo. Also asda have sum vest tops with poppers down the front which look like they mite b good for bf and they pretty cheap as wel
  • Thanks

    I might pop to asda later.

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