pregnancy,but not righ time of month?

has anyone here fell pregnant and it wasnt mid cycle or the supposed ovulation time,14 days before period ect.
anyone fell pregnant few days after period stopped ,ect?


  • Heya, guidelines for ovulation are just that - guidelines, u can ovulate at any time of the month, depending on whether you are stressed or if your temp is up or down etc. Sometimes you ovulate twice in a month too.

    I fell pregnant about a week after my period ended

    Hope this helps xx
  • Me I am different! I like breaking all the rules.
    I basically fell pregnant with this one the day after my period finished It would have been impossible to have been any other time as that was the only time we did the deed! To top it off they do say that the closer to ovulation date you have sex the higher chance you have of a boy, we have 2 girls already, this one is a boy, so I even broke the rules on that one!

    So the answer is yes it is definately possible.

    Fingers crossed for you xxx
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