FAO Minime...

Hey minime,
Was wondering if you have had your scan yet and how it went???
Let us know when you get a chance,


  • YAY!! It was great!!! Check out my avatar!!
    We saw it moving about and it's little heart was beating so fast!!
    We got lots of pics and a cd too!! Ended up going to Cams Hall Estate in Fareham for it! Cost ??50 and was well worth it, as really reassured us!!
    Well...?? I've gone on about mine! How was your scan?!?!!??! Did your bloke go with you in the end?!?!?
  • Woohoo, glad it went so well!!!
    Your pic is great!
    Ours was amazing too!! I can't believe how big baby looked and how much they move around!!! It looked like baby was trying to eat it's hand at one point haha!?!?!?
    Yes Ricky came, and so did our 3 year old, they both absolutely loved it and he said it was definately worth it! Am so glad I just went ahead and booked it!
    We didn't get a cd but got loads of pics so will put them on here soon, when we get home ( am at mums at the mo).
    Speak soon hun.
    By the way, how far gone are you? I am 13 weeks today so was 1 day out with my estimate!xxx
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