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buying newborn baby clothes

Hi everyone,

This may be a stupid question (although I know there is no such thing!) but what size of baby clothes are you buying for your baby? I keep looking at vests and sleepsuits and I never buy anything because I can't decide what to get. I just want plain things although we know we're having a boy so can be more colour specific but should I be getting newborn size or 0-3 months? I've been told it's likely I'll be having an "average" sized baby so that would suggest newborn, but if he's up at 9lbs or so (a lot of that in both sides of our families!) then he'll grow out of them so quick... But what if he's little and I've got only 0-3 months...?

I'm sure I'm over-thinking this and I guess the obvious solution is to buy both (he'll grow into the bigger size soon anyway) but thought I'd canvas some advice from you guys first! Just don't want to waste a bunch of money on things he won't get any use out of. Or is that just inevitable...

Sonia (28 weeks tomorrow) xx


  • hi sonia,id get both but just get a few things like the essentials in newborn as like u say they grow out of newborn so quickly.My daughter was almost 9lb at birth but still wore newborn for a few weeks,hope this has helped hanna 31 wks pregnant! x

  • I have more 3-6 months thing than newborn things. Look at it this way. Rather better to have bigger things than too small things. I have a few vests seeing as the baby is due summer and indoors she will be wearing that mostly. And a few babysuits. But all her 3-6 months clothes are nice and warm as it gets later into the year.dont buy too many newborn things. If you need to get more after the baby is born then do that. But do what I did. I have packed my baby's wardrobe already and now have an idea of what I need to stock up on.

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Zoey,

    I would definately buy some essentials in newborn size as you will be surprised how big the 0-3 month clothes are on a newborn!

    My little man was 8lb 6oz at birth and stayed in newborn clothes up to the end of the first month, even though he was 11lb at that stage.

    I would suggest buying 6 sleepsuits, 6 short sleeve bodys, 6 long sleeve bodys & 6 sleeveless vests in newborn as you will definately use these. Also maybe 3/4 outfits in newborn for going out/visitors etc.

  • Hiya

    Ive bought a few things that are new born, but i will buy mainly 0-3months. My god daughter was over 8lb, but ended up wearing tiny baby clothes for ages before she grew into new born. It all depends on the shape of your baby i think! But, its not gonna hurt if you just buy 0-3months, then when he's born if there way too big buy some newborn!

  • Thanks for the replies. That all makes absolute sense really and it's nice to hear. I think I just have to get over myself and take the plunge. I'm due in June so it will be warmer but I want to layer up (it still can get cold up here in Scotland!) to allow for all weather. I was thinking that the bodysuits that go under sleep suits need to fit quite well to stay in place but everything else can be a bit big!

    Sounds like we still need quite a lot even if they grow out of them quickly. I keep wondering what other people will buy for us - I can see we'll end up with loads in one size and not enough in another. A friend of mine received loads of 3-6 months stuff and her daughter was tiny so she was almost a year old before she fitted any of it. They had to buy everything she needed for her whole first year as they couldn't use the gifts at that stage!

    Think I should start shopping then!
  • i would rule out newborn clothes apart from 1 or 2 outfits, seriously, my boy born@ 7lbs 8oz, ten weeks on today he is 13lbs 2 oz, he was in newborn clothes for 2-3 weeks max! he's started to grow out of a few 0-3 months aswell and hes only just over 2 months old, my boy literaly lived in vest, babygrow/onesie, and snowsuit, blankets etc if going out, trust me, its better to buy mostly 0-3, but not too much, ive sold most of his babgrows in that range as i had over 20 and i can say now that 12 is more than enough and the same with vests, etc, il not make the same mistake with the next, although i do advise that you can never have enough bibs if bottle feeding, + u can use them when weaning, seriously id rather of saved my money and brought him a big activity walker or something. babies get bored so easily, and you will need to keep him occupied when he's a bit older,so you can get on with other jobs, - i know you didn't ask but i wish someone had told me that image gd luck
  • I'd have to say don't waste your money buying too many new born things as they don't last long at all! My lo was 7lb5 and we bought 2 newborn sets (vest, babygrow etc) and the rest in 0-3 months. He did get bought a few newborn things as well, but he was out of the babygrows after about 3 weeks - sure he was a bit big in the 0-3 babygrows for a little while but it wasn't that bad. he's actually done very well in the same long sleeved mothercare vests from birth and they still fit at 13 weeks - they weren't actually that bad on him when he was tiny. My lo has also been in 3-6 month short sleeved vests since around 9 weeks old!

    If you are going for newborn stuff, then tescos are a good size - the newborn stuff we were given for lo lasted a good 6-8 weeks. As a good in between newborn and 0-3 size, we found that newlook babygrows were good as they are shorter in the leg than any of the other ones.

    At the end of the day, if you buy stuff thats too big it will get used sooner or later and its not gonna harm your lo if he spends a few days in clothes that are a bit big till you get round to buying some smaller things - or until you get the visitors arriving with presents! My lo lived in babygrows and vests until we'd got round to washing the clothes he got bought! You can never have too many vests btw..especially if you don't have a tumble dryer and its winter!!!
  • Thesizes vary so much from different shops. Newborn inasda for example only go up to 9lb mothercare go up to 10 1b next and pumpkin patch newborn only go up to 7lb 7 complete waste of money. O - 3 months again vary but are MASSIVE on a newborn. My lo was born 81b 8 and dropped to 7lb 15 so was in newborn clothes only for 2 weeks maybee three for mothercare stuff i got bought some beautiful stuff from mamas and papas which sh eonly wore three times but herfamily got great pleasure out of seeing her in them. I bought only 6 vests and 6 sleepsuits in newborn and 0 - 3 months and we were very lucky and every body bought everything else. but initially those 6 i bought would not have been enough as they wear minimum of 2 a day thats if they are not sick. i was in hospital for 3 days too so my mother in law used to take them home every night and wash them. Daisy is 11lb now andstill looks tiny in her 0 - 3 month clothes but she looks great in her matalan stuff as for some reason you cant tumble dry them (HOW RIDICULOUS) and they have shrunk a bit and fit her perfect now!!!!! but i agree itis better to have the clothes a bit big than waste money. I would advise you buy a few multi packs from asda or tescoor sainsburys they are very cheap for newborn stuff and then if you want you can spend a bit more on 0 -3 month stuff. becouse although v cheap you do get what you pay for, and my asda sleepsuits freyed a bit on the sleeves after one wash. but you cant grumble for 3 quid!!! Ha Ha also one of my clients bought me a big pack of vests from asda for ??5 and they are great as occasionally Daisy will have explosive nappy with pooh all up her back, i just cut the vest off and throw it away!!!!!! As there is no way im taking vest over her head!!!!!
  • I've bought a bit of everything I couldn't really resist lol image
  • Hi, have been given quite a few bits by other people in newborn and 0-3. with my first he was 6lb 5oz and second 7lb 10 both fitted nicely in the newborn sizes but I'm measuring 2 weeks big so think the baby will be in 0-3 size - also it's going to be July for us and if we get a summer this year LOL they won't be in lots of clothes as will be too hot hopefully.
    Also you'll get given lots of gifts of clothes when baby is born.... from people.

    chelle x
    e.d.d 4th July with pinkbump
  • I have bought a mixture of things. I have found that the shops sizes don't match each other at all - very random! Tescos seem the smallest I have bought so far. I'm not buying anymore as we live 5 mins from a tesco and a matalan and hubby said he'd nip out and get some should we need more smaller/bigger when the time comes!
  • Hello,

    We are Chuckleducky, a UK Based baby clothing manufacturer using only fair traded 100% cotton items, you can view our size chart for a detailed description on measuring newborn clothing items, if this is not helpful, you can email me at /forum/smilies/[email protected]][email protected] and I will endeavor to help in any way.

    Best wishes

  • Hi,

    m&s clothes come up huge, so i'd def get newborn if from there xx

  • Hi!

    For newborns the best thing you can do is get a set of essential clothes like babygrows, vests with short and long sleeves, socks, nappies etc...

    We are Cinnamon Baby Clothes, an online shop that sells fine and soft baby clothes with confortable materials including 100% organic cotton.

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  • hello???

    I am planning to have a,I have read a article that tell me how to select clothing for baby.

    Choose very flexible, soft  material

    Clothing should be comfortable to them and not be too tight

     Lastly, The younger the baby, the more lightweight the clothing should be

    I hope these advices above may be useful for you.what's more,the baby clothes in are high quality and supper can visit it it in your free time.

  • Like people have already said, just make sure that if you are unsure whether to get the bigger size or the smaller size, to get the bigger size. I would recommend just talking to your mom about it or maybe one of your good friends about it. Either way, just talk to people if you aren't sure about it. Best of luck!


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  • I found an invaluable item of newborn clothing was a baby sleepgown. You don't find them very much over here but they are really big in the states. It's basically a sleep suit with an open, elasticated bottom, so makes changing really easy, even in the middle of the night.

    I got my original one from Green Baby, but can't seem to find them anywhere - I think they may have stopped trading! John Lewis have them, although they call them bundlers I also bought one for a friend from The Baby Box Company, which she loved!

  • Hi!

    Buying clothes for babies is not an easy task. You've to take all the minute details into consideration as baby clothes should be comfortable, soft in material, and trendy as well at affordable prices. When I was pregnant, I have bought many things for my Lil one. I usually go with online shopping because going on shopping with child is next to impossible for me. So I go through many online sites, and my search is ended on Daisies & Conkers. I love all the clothes which I bought. They have really cool baby stuff in their collection. They have all seasoned baby clothes, knitwear, sleepsuits, rompers, clothing set with all sizes. You can get everything at one place that too in a budgeted price!                                                                                   
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