Discharge - early pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about cm during early pregnancy. I'm 8 weeks today and have been getting the creamy white discharge- today though it's more... well... snot like (sorry!)

Is this normal? I know the creamy white stuff is okay but not sure if it's meant to change at all.



  • Hi i am 5+3 mine is the same
  • HI Hun, i am 10+3 today and i have had increased CM for a while. I spoke to the midwife wednesday and she said this was normal..

  • Im 18+4 and still feel like ive wet myself sometimes lol as theres so much of it



  • hiya, im 8+2 and mine is exactly the same. i think you only need to worry if its smelly or a different colour xx
  • I'm nearly 38 weeks and have lots of discharge all the way through, it gets worse the further you get. I think you only need to worry if there is any blood but a snotty discharge is another joy of pregnancy
  • This is quite common in pregnancy...all women experience it...i have had it all the way through my pregnancy...some days more increased than others...i have been wearing panty liners, but more so in the later stages, because of the extra weight your carrying.

    little missie x
    39 + 1
  • thanks everyone, so glad i have this place to talk about these things with!
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