In what week did morning sickness start?

I havent had any until this morning, I am 8+1 and thought i'd been lucky and missed the ms boat.......what weeks did you get it to and from?


  • I think I first got it around 7-8 weeks as I remember it was a few days before I told a couple of people at work - they had guessed because of how green I was looking! :lol:

    The last time I was sick from morning sickness was at ... 29+4 ... sorry! Its lasted throughout for me, although nowhere near as bad - it got better around 20-weeks ish.

    Joo xxx
  • hi mine started at around 7 to 8 weeks to and lasted till well i still feel sick now but i was really bad had hyperemisis till about 18-19 wks, keep your fingers crossed you dont get it!!!

    chloe 33+1
  • I started getting sick around 6 weeks, and at 9+3 I was in hospital as I was so dehydrated I couldn't keep a thing down. I also ended up having two of my early scans with a sick bowl next to me!

    I still feel dodgy in the mornings and most mornings I dry-heave when doing my breakfast, but I have to keep eating to feel semi-normal

    16 weeks x
  • We are due the same day and I have had the odd wave of sickness from about 6 weeks but yesterday the puking began! I am feeling so rough, can't keep any food down and am so light headed. It is affecting work which is a nightmare as I work in family business and they do not know i am pregnant. I thought I had a bug but am sure it is pregnancy related as it comes and goes.
  • Felt sick from 6 weeks sickness started at 7 weeks and lasted to 14 weeks (sick everyday) I have not been sick for a week now although still feel a bit sick most days... my sister was ill but off and on so fingers crossed you only get it now and again...
    Emma 15+1 xx
  • I had felt sick from 5 weeks, which i think is quite early and had it till about 6 and a half, wasnt actually being sick tho, just felt horrible. That was everyday, but now its filtering out, i get it from time to time like every other day and usually in the evening?!?! Im 9+6 x
  • 6-11.5 for me and then so much better!! - phew!
    Mobo 35+4
  • I am 11+3 and not hd any sickness at all.

  • Hi Ladyk
    I started feeling sick at around 4 wks (is what prompted me to do a hpt) hated smells and food of anykind especially sweet things, which is depressing cause normally i love sweet things. The aversion to smells and food calmed at around 7wks but i still dry heave every now and then after eating not sure what thats about.
  • mine started at about 4 weeks and lasted until about 7 weeks but it was really mild. just felt a bit sick most of the time. still comes back in waves now though!

    15+2 xx
  • I was only ever sick once and it was around 9-10 weeks, I felt quezy a few times after but was never sick again! Result! Hope you feel better hun

    29+2 x
  • Hi ladyk, mine started around 7 weeks, I had it for about two weeks then it went away, then it came back at 11 weeks for two weeks again. It's all gone now thank goodness!

    C x x
  • I started feeling sick/being sick at 8 weeks and still feel sick at 15 weeks, just hoping it disappears soon. xx

    15 weeks today!!
  • I started feeling sick at about 7/8 weeks and it lasted till 12 weeks and then just vanished.
    I was never actually sick tho, just felt it all afternoon and evening.
    i sucked on mints ate little and often and always has a bit of something for supper i swear this helped!
  • i started at 6 weeks and still being really sick now at 11+3 probably on average 6 times a week which when i told my midwife this morning at 1st appointment she was like oh not much then felt like saying it bloody feels it to me!!

  • It hasn't yet?!

    Tara 30+1
  • i'm still waiting and i'm due to give birth in 5 weeks! you dont always get it
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