Smear tests when pregnant?

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Got a letter thorugh today to tell me im due for my first smear, is this still done when your pregnant? Im guessing not if its to do with your cervix but thought i would ask you opinions?



  • mine was due this month i spoke to my doctors receptionist and she said il have it 3months after the birth xx xx

  • Hi there

    I think you have to wait until at least 6 weeks after baby is born x
  • My midwife said not as I was due one when I went for my booking in appointment. I can't remember if she said I had to wait until the babies are 6 weeks or 6 months old before I have one image
  • nope just ignore it till u have had baby cos they wont touch u whilst u r preg its a gud excuse lol i h8 thm even thow they have to be done iv had about 4 letters cos im on 6 mnthly call backs xxx
  • you can not have a smear when pregnant so you'll have to ring you doctors to remind them your pregnant, and too book your smear in for after your birth.

    Lea x
  • thanks ladies . i will ring them. i avoided it when i was 17 and then they changed the law to 25 so i missed out anyway. after seeing poor jade goody and all these sad things on the news i really wish i had already been but not alot i can do now.

    Thanks xx
  • I don't want to preach - but please have them as soon as you are allowed after the birth! I got in to have my 1st at 18 then the next at 21 before they changed the law - I had abnormal smears from the age of 21 and didn't get the all clear for 7 years. I had to have numerous biopsys to cut away the abnormal cells - thankfully none of them were cancerous image What really scares me is that if they had been left until I was 25 they could have turned cancerous image

    I know they are horrible but surely they will be a breeze once you have given birth lol image

    Tara 32+5
  • its so frightening thow if u look at poor jade shes dieing at 27 omg its awfull her poor kids she had to have a hysterectomy and she said she longed 4 a little girl which she will never hav i feel so sorry 4 her shes on oxygen and everything now xxx
  • i had my first at 20 before they changed the rules, then my letter came at the end of 2008 for my next test now i am 25. i didnt want it done because of my history of MCs, I'd read somewhere it was ok to have it done, but midwife said to ignore the letter until after i'd given birth. Coincidentally, I had another letter at the weekend but i'm ignoring that too and will ask for the best course of action when i see the doc at 6 weeks after the birth (gosh that sounds scary!!!)

  • I agree with Immense. I had my first at 18 as my mum had a history of abnormal ones. I had an abnormal smear at 18 then another one about 12 months ago and have had treatment. Its not as bad as you think it will be and it is likely that you'll be offered a smear at your 6 week check. It is a little uncomfortable but it only last a minute or so and it could save your life.

  • yep lay bac spread em and think of england lol xxx
  • lmao tinkerbell83!!
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