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I enquired about antenatal classes, our doctors do not provide it only parentcraft classes, so I looked online and sent off for some info on NCT classes. The course costs ??180.00 and is run over several weeks. Has anyone attended any of these and if so would you recommend. Its our first baby and I was not sure if the parentcraft classes would cover enough

23 weeks today



  • Hi hun

    I have booked up for this. All my friends could not rave about them enough so I think they are very good.

    K xx
  • I will send off my form then, it will b a good opportunity to meet other mums in my area due around the same time


    P.S read your post about your little girl moving really pleased you can feel her now, it is so lovely. My little bean had hic cups this morning really wierd feeling but lovely

  • Hey Helen, i attended NCT Classes with my first and also their recap classes with number 2. I'm now expecting number 3 and although i think i'm done with classes i am still a member of NCT. Their classes are great in my opinion, not just to help you understand the process of labour and birth but to help inform your birth choices. Its also great for meeting mums local to you, due at the same time and my hubby and i are still close friends with everyone we''ve met through NCT. There is a bizarre stigma attached to NCT that we're all pain free labour pushers who breastfeed our chidlren till school age but that is total crap lol!!! NCT is about free choice and allowing you access to the relevant information so you know for sure they are right choices for you. The classes really help dads to be too and show them how to be involved in the birth, how to support and how to play an active role too. They certainly helped my hubby feel more in control. Hope this has helped a little. What area are you in? Every branch is slightly different but all offer a great network of support post birth too with lots of coffee mornings, baby groups and access to lots of classes too.
    Jo xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Jo

    Thanks so much for your reply your right about some of the things you hear about them, what you have described is exactely what we are looking for, I really want my OH to be able to feel included and as the classes are in the evening he will be able to come along.

    Love the sound of the coffee mornings lol

  • We have our last NCT class tonight - it cost ??220 and is without a doubt the best ??220 we have spent on the baby!
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