My baby is due in May 2008

Hi all,

I know it's early days but was just wondering if anyone else is due in May 2008. Hoping to start a new thread.

I will be 39 in a couple of weeks, I live with my partner and have a great little boy aged 15 months.
Our baby is due May 14th.

Would love to hear from anyone due in the same month.

Love Debs xxx


  • hi im due today but thought i say congratulations on yr pregnacy hun, gd luck xx
  • Hi munchkin, thank you and good luck for today hope all goes smoothly. Not long now and you will have your beautiful baby in your arms. xxx
  • Aw congratulations!

    I'm on the baby due in April thread as 1st due date was 30th April but now it seems to be 1st May I'm due! My dates may change again when I go for my scan. It's lovely to hear form someone due in May! Hopefully they will start a board for May soon.

    How many weeks are you now? Are you feeling okay? I'm 7 weeks tomorrow so still early days but I'm definitely starting to feel pregnant now!

    I'm 24 and live with my hubby and my little girl Lily-Mae who is 20 weeks old. I'm thinking next year is going to be a bit of a challenge for me as Lily will only be 12 or 13 months when new baby arrives!

  • Hi there

    This is my first post here, I am 6 week pregnant (due 8th May). I already have a little girl of 4 1/2.

    I'm 38, 39 at the end of this year.

  • Hi Lea, Congratulations. I am feeling ok at the moment just the odd twinge in my tummy and a funny taste in my mouth from time to time. I never had morning sickness with first preg and I don't seem to have any this time round but I did suffer from bad headaches so hope I don't get thoughs again.
    And yes I think you will have your hands full next May but at least you won't be out of the baby mode.

    Hi PP, congratulations to you too. Your little girl will be quite the little helper when your baby arrives. It nice to talk to someone the same age and also due a week before me.

    Lets hope we all have great pregnancies. xxx
  • Hiya

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant due the 9 May.

    I will be 28 in 2 weeks

  • Hey,

    I am 5 weeks pregnant and the baby is due on the 15th May 08. I am really nervous though as it is so early and I had an early miscarriage at 5 weeks eariler this year!

    This will be our first so we are excited but not trying to think about it too much in case something happens.
  • Congratulations everyone!

    Here's hoping we all have happy, healthy pregnancies!

  • Dear all,

    Just to let you know the Web editor is creating 'my baby is due in May 2008' forum. Hope to see you in there soon xxx
  • hey im due may 11th ive got an early scan on monday because of mc last month im ruth 22 and we already have a little boy jack who is 3 in november! look forward to chatting with you all once we get a may 2008 board x
  • Hello Debbie,
    Im due the 14th of may as well!
    How you finding things at the moment? have you been to the doctor yet?
    take care
  • Hi Dani,
    I feel ok thank you. Have the odd twinge in my tummy and my are not that tender yet. I do feel tired but that's more to do with James (15 months) teething and keeping me awake.
    I have booked my 8 week appt with the midwife for October 2nd. I have to pick-up my pack from the doctors and my wee pot as you have to take a sample on your first visit.
    I didn't bother going to the doctors this time, as all he said lst time was 'ok'.
    How are you feeling Dani?
  • Debbie, there is a forum for every month, so maybe you should go peep into 'My Baby is Due May 2008' and people there who may be the same amount as pregnant as you will talk in there! :] hope this helps, theres always this forum too.x x

    Hi Debbie

    I have had a look round the site but can find the "My baby is due May 2008" thread. I am new to this site (only my 2nd post).

    Can you point me in the right direction please.

  • Hi all,
    Just got my bfp this morning so i guess i am due in May too!! Congrats to all.
    Stinchey, we are in the same boat, i had an MC last month at about 6 weeks so i know how you are feeling - cautiously optimistic!!! Its also our first so all a bit scary but i'm sure things will work out for you this time. Fingers crossed for everyone, look forward to hearing everyone's cravings!! xx
  • Fingers crossed for everyone, look forward to hearing everyone's cravings!! xx

    Haven't had any cravings yet, but I am starting to find some smells that don't normally bother me are making me feel a bit sicky, like my folic acid tablets and a girl in my works perfume. With my first pregnancy I couldn't stand the smell of melting cheese (strange cause I love pizza normally), and vomited everytime I came into contact with anyone smoking or who had been smoking.

    Anyone else finding that some smells have started to bother them.
  • Congratulations everyone.

    I forgot to say in my earlier post that my name is Anna and I am 27.

    On to the subject of smells last night the smell of cooking asparagus and the smell of prawns really turned my stomach. I am not sure if that is the pregnancy or me just being faddy about my food.

    Although I have had really sore breasts for the last week which isnt normally something I suffer from so thats a new experience.

    To Jamtart congratulations maybe we can hold each others hands through the early stages.

    Anna x x
  • The smell of fried food is making my stomach turn right now, i suppose that's a good thing, i realy hope the same doesn't happen with chocolate, i'm looking for ward to craving chocolate :lol:

    Anna, we can definately support each other as we know how worrying it is. Hopefully this time though we can enjoy it all and look foward to our bumps! I'm Gemma BTW and am 29 x
  • I found out last Friday that I am pregnant. According to the due date calendars, I am due 13th May 2008. This is all very new to me, it's my first pregnancy. Yes I am scared but only about possibly miscarrying as you hear so much about it. This baby is very much wanted after TTC for a year.

    Looking forward to chatting to all you other May due date Mummy's-to-be.

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  • Congratulations everyone- sounds like there will be quite a lot of us to chat in the May forum when it finally opens!

    No cravings at the mo for me- though I seem to crave chocolate every day whether pregnant or not! I feel so sick that all I can bear to eat is...toast, crackers, chocolate, pasta and cheese n tomato pizza! Was thew same with first baby though and thankfully she turned out okay even though I ate junk to start with. There's a lot to be said for multivitamin tablets!

    EllieBee it's great news for you that you're pregnant- bet you're just over the moon! If there's anything you want to ask or are unsure about just fire away cos there's lots of people on here who can give you advice.

    Take care all ladies and bumps. xxx
  • Hey girls, I'm due on the 2nd May, so just about 7 weeks! This is a honeymoon baby, we know we are so lucky to have conceived at the first attempt, so just keeping everything crossed that it all goes well!! Looking forward to seeing you all in the May forum!
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