Full fat milk

Hi I normally use semi skimmed but I read that full fat is best for you during pregnancy, has anyone swapped over?


  • It varies on who does the shopping. Hubby buys blue milk for me as the midwife told us its good for baby. But I love drinking milk and its WAY too creamy for me so if I shop (not very often I might add) then I buy green milk.

    Joo xxx
  • Hi,

    I've stayed on semi skimmed but just increased my in take, I have a glass of milkshake everyday, a yogurt and a little bit of full fat cheese like cheddar and usually cereal for brekkie. I have arthritus in my knees so am keeping my calcium levels up so as not to suffer.

  • I never knew this but the other week my OH went to get milk and they only had full fat left and I absolutely loved it so I havent bought semi skimmed since, I felt really bad as I know if is not as good for you but at least I have an excuse now! image
  • I drink skimmed or semi skimmed as that's what I prefer (I like skimmed best). But I've not heard that full fat is better. Do you know why? Skimmed actually has more calcium per ml so doesn't make sense to me.
  • hi, skimmed milk has slightly more calcium than full fat or semi skimmed. the only thing that full fat has more of is fat! people often think that full fat has more calcium but that's wrong. when pregnant you are advised to have low fat dairy products so i find it strange that a midwife would recommend full fat milk especially when it doesnt have more calcium in it. x
  • wooooooooo there the midwife didnt tell me too, it was just on one of my random searches on web, think I was searching, your body at 8 weeks and it came up in one of those......hehe

    I have MW appointment on Mon so might ask then, doesnt bother me either way as I like both.

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  • ha ha, seemed a bit of an attack there!! Sorry!

    I have noticed that I'm on a massive calcium craving at the moment & my husband noticed it too. I have cereal sometimes twice a day (I don't normally even like cereal that much), drink glasses of milk - maybe once or twice a day and have hot milk before bed. Plus i have yoghurt once or twice a day! Before I was on a vitamin c craving up to about 22 weeks, the last month or so now it's been calcium! Funny how your body decides what it needs!
  • hehe I know what you mean, I have a big thing for fruit right now.......
  • akaladyK I am all about the fruit right now too! Fresh pineapple and melon and grapes right now!!

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