A bit upset!

I've just had my doctors appointment and it was really disappointing. The doctor told me there's a 1 in 6 chance that I'll have a miscarriage and there is no point booking me in to see the midwife until I'm at least 8 weeks.

I told him I was feeling a bit off balance and that I've been getting cramps like AF is going to come and he said those are not pregnancy symptoms and if I'm getting pain then things might not be in the right place.

I just feel really crest fallen. I was really nervous going but now I really wish I hadn't bothered.

Sorry for the rant....hope everyone else has had a better day.




  • are you poor thing! what an horrible GP! he wasnt sympathetic at all!
    im having my first midwife appoinment on tues i will be 5+5 then so i dont see why you cant see your midwife until 8 weeks?

    ashy 5+1
  • Omg your doctor sounds rotten. I went to doc when bout 5 weeks too with cramp like pains and was told it was completely normal. Im now 22 weeks so it obviously was! Try not to worry about what he said, you may have caught him on a bad day xxx

    Good luck
  • ahh, sorry to hear that hun, I got pretty much the same from my doctor. I was only 5 weeks so he told me the mc statistics and told me to come back at 10 weeks. I was so deflated!! When I went back at 10 weeks I had had a bleed 2 days before and he told me the stats again and said there was no point sending me for a scan as there would be nothing they could do anyway. Charming!!
    I think some doctors forget that we are people and not statistics.
    Fingers crossed you get a nice midwife!!

    Lisa xxx
  • what a d..k sorry i just think that a doctor should not be saying things like that to you its so insensitive .
    i didnt get a booking in appointment until i was 11 wks and that was after 2 mc so dont worry about that bit just try and forget what the d''k said and enjoy your pregnancy
    good luck xxxxx
  • That's awful hun.
    I saw my GP yesterday and also my midwife today and i'm only 4+2.
    I've been having cramps in my tummy and both the GP and midwife said it was normal.
  • Thanks for your replies, I really am feeling a little deflated. The only thing keeping me excited is the fact that 5 in 6 pregnancies make it and plus we're telling my parents tonight!

    He wasn't angry or anything, just very matter of fact. He was very old school and didn't even know when in the pregnancy i would have a scan! He thought the first one was at 18 weeks! What an idiot.

    I'm just going to try to enjoy the next 3 weeks and then demand that I see a midwife! Hehe.

    Oh and he also said that I can drink in moderation as there is no evidence that it effects the baby! lol seriously, he needs to update his medical knowledge!

  • how awful, i would try and ignore him hun, i had af cramps for ages and midwife assured me that its very normal image xx
  • That's terrible! I have been getting cramps and phoned my doctor who reassured me that this was normal and as long as I didn't start bleeding, I'd be fine. I also don't get to see my mw until about 10 weeks so don't worry about this xx
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