Heartbeat - beats per min

Has any one sat and counted how many bpm babies hb is on their doppler? Not sure how accurate it is but i have counted between 146-150 bpm. im tyring to guess if its a boy or girl LOL going by myths and just wondered what everyone elses is



  • mines a girl, 135-150 beats.
  • Hi!
    If you look in your maternity notes your midwife should have recorded how many beats she counted each time she listened so probably every time you see her. Ive just had a boy and his averaged 140bpm throughout my pregnancy! Oh and babys bpm will go up if he/she has just moved. xx
  • i am having a girl and mine is usually around the 150 mark x
  • hiya im having a boy and his is 138 bmp neva herd his heart beat on my dopler onlyused it once as think thy are more worrie thn there worth xx
  • mines a girl 147- 150 beats
  • I have my 16week mw appointment on wenesday so taht will be the first time she will have heard it. hmmm looks like girls and boys are mixed so theres no real answer to my little theory lol
  • I had my antenatal check this afternoon )the joys of having your aunt as your midwife, you can stay at home haha) and the heart rate was 159. A girl maybe?? find out a week tomorrow.
  • At 10+3 our baby's hb was 169! At 6+6 it was 126. Got official 12 week scan on Tues so will see what it is then.
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