Waxing during pregnancy

Just wondering if anyone's been waxed whilst pregnant?? Does it really hurt more than usual? I'm 19 weeks and due for a full leg/bikini/underarm wax next Tuesday and I'm a bit anxious now! Have also got a Caesarean scar above my bikini which will also be affected I guess? Can anyone reassure me please?? I will ring the salon before I go to make them aware I'm pregnant, hopefully they'll be gentle!


  • It does hurt a bit more but is bearable. i am 31 weeks and was fine. The pain was worth the gain....
  • Had mine done the other day and I found that it hurt about the same as when i wasnt pregnant but i noticed that the area around my bikini line was red for much longer (not sure if there is any reason for this)
    Mind you i think it bloody kills anyway!!


  • I noticed that at the start of my pregnancy it hurt more but not it seems to be back to the normal pain! The things we do to stay beautiful!!!!!!!
    Tammi xxx

  • Thanks girls for the info, sounds like it won't be too bad then (well not much more painful than normal!!)

    Indeed, the things we do to stay beautiful, I'm just trying to start waxing now while I can still see the results so that when I can't even reach my legs, I'll still be preened and hair-free - esp in the Summer months when I'll be huuuge!!
  • Hiya

    I'm a beauty therapist and am told that waxing is more painful in pregnancy, but still preferable to being hairy, so can't be that bad!

    Just make sure that if you have any varicose veins your therapist applies vaseline to them as you must NOT wax these areas. That's really the only problem with waxing during pregnancy.

    I can't do my own waxing anymore cos I just can't bend/see enough! Needless to say, I'm very hairy and I don't even want to think about those areas that really should stay trimmed!!! DH has been banned from looking!xx
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