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27+4 in need of advice - baby only has one kidney

Hi all

First time posting and, as the title suggests, I am in need of some advice so I’ll dive right in...

At 20 weeks we discovered our little boy had unilateral renal agenesis - in other words he only has one kidney. **Panic ensue!** I was referred to a consultant for further scans, who confirmed the diagnosis and reassured me he should have a normal healthy life **panic reduces** She scheduled me in for another appointment with her at 29+1 so she could check the kidney he has is developing correctly and also check his overall development. 

26+2 I was admitted to my local Maternity Unit with reduced fetal movements. By this time he was already very much in a routine and I knew his patterns. On this day I had not felt him move since the night before (usually up in the night with him wriggling), he didn't react to any of the usual triggers that get him going. With him only having one kidney they decided monitor him. As soon as those straps went on he was having a party and would not keep still (little monkey!). 6 hours later my consultant wasn’t satisfied with not having a consistent heart reading for longer than 20 minutes because he kept moving and told me to come back the next day for another growth scan and more monitoring. So I did exactly that. At 26+3 from the growth scan baby had an estimated weight of 2lbs 4oz!!! Doubled since my previous scan 3 weeks ago and I was told to go for a GTT at 27+1 and because he was moving as normal was sent home without further monitoring. 

I am now 27+4 and not heard anything from the GTT - no news is good news I would assume? I have a midwife app at 28+3 and my next consultant app and scan at 29+1. At the minute I’m starting to feel very anxious. The prospect of actually giving birth has only just crept into my head and I can’t stop thinking about it I have so many questions! 

Have any of you mamas had experience with baby only having one kidney? How did your pregnancy go and was everything OK after? Did this influence the way you gave birth? (Naturally, induced etc).

I’m tiny at 5ft, petite size 6 and 7 stone pre pregnancy. Add to this a previous lower back injury which has been plaguing me my entire pregnancy and pelvic pain which is leaving me in agony  most days as baby is head down and very very low (referred for physio 8 weeks ago- heard nothing), how on earth am I supposed to birth a big baby!? Any other mamas in a similar boat with this? Did you go full term and have a naturally birth? I’m worried with him only having one kidney (that in my consultants words “will need to be protected”) about potentially hurting him if I can’t get him out!? Or am I over thinking this?

Apologies for the massive post I just need a bit of reassurance I think! 

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