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Coco-cola in pregnancy

I’m craving coco-cola so badly!! This is the only craving I’ve had and it’s non stop lol. I know you can’t really drink it due to the caffeine as not good for baby but I read it can also cause miscarriage? anyone else drank some cola here and there in pregnancy and things been okay. As I feel like this craving wont budge lol. I do drink lots of water throughout the day and night rarely have juice or anything other than water. Thanks for reading x 


  • I still drink actually has less caffeine than a cup of tea and much less than a coffee. Iv always been a coke drinker. I aim to limit myself to 2 a day but sometimes I have 3. I think you can actually have 4 and be under the 200mg per day limit. But I don't have any tea or coffee and hardly ever eat chocolate. My midwife wasn't concerned about me drinking coke and I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and had no problems so far. 

  • Cola has been my craving with all 3 of my pregnancies! As above, so long as you stay under the 200mg of caffeine a day you'll be fine. I found having the small tins helped keep my intake lower.

  • Look for ‘coke gold’ if you can get it... it’s caffine free but still tastes pretty good

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