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Hey Girls,

A friend has just emailed me an website - Not got to grips with it fully yet - but the basics are Everything on there is free - People give in stuff thats in reasonable good nick that they just dont want or have space for... The aim of the web site is to stop things that can be re-used going into Land fills - rules are you can donate or take but everything must be free! You can email the person giving and ask for photos or what ever or put adds on there for things you desire! Now I wouldn't get certain things (personal choice) but something like a really good solid pine dinner table that can have a good clean and be good as new would go down a treat (we moving in together for the first time & having our first baby all at once) the stuff will do till we can aford better and if there is nothing wrong with it why not? Anyways I thought it might be of some use to you ladies too... you can search your local areas to save traveling to far.. let me know how you have got on! I haven't actually got anything there but I think my friend has as well as a few people she knows and she sent it to me saying I might find it really useful so just thought id share it with you all! Mwah! xxx

Website is as followed:

Hope i'm aloud to put this up but if its not selling i can imagine a problem? sorry If i shouldn't have! x image

Good nest hunting girls! image


  • thanks. im on it now, but im finding it quite hard to work out how to use it :S x
  • yeah i found that but think it might be worth while if were able to crack it together... lol
  • hey, Ive been using it for ages and got tons of stuff off it. Great for setting up your first house on a small budget. Only thing I have got off there baby related is a pine cotbed which is in really good condition. Recommend it, you are more likely to get better items on here for freee than paying small amounts on local trading magazines or local people advertising in shops. The peope who get ride of things on freecycle know they can get rid of things within 24 hrs.

    I personally found it quite simple to use. You need a yahoo email address to get started. We made a new yahoo email add especially for freecycle. If you have any other questions, just ask.
  • Hi bumpety lol well kept secret huh! lol can i do a slightly wider seach because I drive so can go to a few bouorughs around me (i live in London!) x
  • Hi there, I have also been a member of this site for a while now and so far have been kindly given a bouncy chair which had only been used twice! A huge bag of new born girls clothes, some nappies and a bottle warmer!!! Def worth a shot!
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