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Folic Acid - when do I stop taking it?

Hey ladies. I am currently 14wks and 3days and wondered when is it safe to stop taking folic acid. I had my last baby over 15yrs ago so I can't remember if i took it throughout the whole pregnancy or just for the first 3 months. 

Any advice would be appreciated :)


  • Advice is constantly changing but with my twins last year it was to take both folic acid & vitamin D throughout the whole pregnancy...

  • Hi KazzieM, thanks for your response. i take the boots pregnancy vitamins at the moment which has a bit of everything in it, but they are so big I get nauseous after taking them. I see the midwife in 2 weeks so I will keep taking them or look for a smaller tablet until then and ask her what she thinks is best. 

  • best to check with your midwife. I take pregnacare which has a bit of everything in it, but when I first got my BFP I was taking 5mg in addition to the that, but stopped after 12 ish weeks and Just carried on with the pregnacare. 

  • 5mg of folic acid*

  • Thanks Jadeelx, I will continue with the vitamins for now until I’ve seen my midwife. I’ve tried the pregnacare  but I still find them a little on the large side, but I’ve seen a liquid which I can try. I’ve never been good with taking tablets lol. 

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